4 data on women in the labor market

Speaking a little of the verdict in the trial of Ellen Pao against Klein investment firm in Silicon Valley. The applicant denounced the company for gender discrimination. Ellen denunción the enterprise environment was discriminatory for women, since their departure to minor positions that correspond to important meetings, through the chauvinistic attitude of many of the components of your computer.

Although, according to his statements in the New York Times, many women say that macho attitude is typical in Silicon Valley, the strange thing here is that a woman has dared to denounce the situation. According to the same article, the general rule is that silence is bought in such cases. Thus, companies ensure that scandals do not see the light of day.

Although Ellen Pao has lost the case in court, women have made the debate around Silicon Valley on corporate culture is open, and not only in the technology sector but the financial, and perhaps expand to the entire labor market.

To understand the current situation of women in the labor market, we present some important data, collected from the statistical office job


BLS Report

New York Times, Ellen Pao Disrupts How Does Silicon Valley Business

Questions interview for a job in construction

Here are some of the questions that you can find in your interview for a job in the construction industry (bricklayers, boilermakers, fitters, electricians, carpenters). Besides the typical interview questions each -fortalezas, weaknesses, and so the interviewer will try to discover your specific qualities for the job in question. Workers in the construction world are usually surrounded by situations of risk to their physical integrity, which also carries a danger to any employer. Therefore, many questions are usually related to the skills of employees to minimize risk in construction.

Although the questions vary, most interviewers will focus on some general areas of this profession. Lester Ayerdis, inspector of construction projects natural gas pipelines, with over 10 years experience in the world of construction, we have provided us with a list of basic for which questions should be prepared.


I recommend that for each of these questions, practice with another person who is able to correct you and provide constructive criticism, so that the day of the interview you feel much more comfortable to answer them. Not necessarily you’ll find with these specific questions, but practicing these will help to create an idea of ​​what employers are looking for in this industry. Good luck in your job search.

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Sources: Interview with Lester Ayerdis, inspector of natural gas pipelines, Florida Powe & Light

The importance of attending class

I know that already attend class can be boring, especially when we have monotonous teachers who do not encourage us, and motivate us, and we have fun … with that low our attention and as it seems that we learn nothing the impression that we are losing the weather.

You may be thinking it is easier to ask a fellow notes (some even make good business selling them, although often prohibited). So you save sitting thinking about something else for so long. Do not do that! If you attend class and pay attention following these tips you will be all that is you spend a few hours a day with good planning of the study.

Why attend class.

As a student, you require or not, you must attend class regularly, in order to make the most of. Missing only when there is a (sufficiently justified, know what I mean) cause. And try to document the justification for your absence.

Everything you learn in class is something one takes in advance and will not have to repeat and understand at home.

If you attend class will know the subjects in which the teacher affects more and most likely fall into the dreaded exam. If you do not say and have a little confidence you can ask what he considers most important subject. But that seems out of interest in the content, not to study less!

In addition, the teacher will know and will know that you take the subject seriously (though not really interest you much). This impression teacher sometimes plays a decisive role in the ratings, especially when you have to decide between two possible notes (remarkable / outstanding; suspense / approved).

Do you think that in certain subjects attending class is a waste of time because it can be prepared perfectly with the textbook? Very often teachers talk in class about content that does not appear in textbooks and even indicating text material that is not subject to examination.

Believe me, the end is precisely the non-attendance which results in a significant loss of time: you have to ask a classmate notes, photocopied, understand (there are illegible letters), any questions, etc. All this takes much longer to have one their own notes and have heard the teacher’s explanation.

Things to do in class.

· It is convenient to sit in the front rows. Will allow you to hear better teacher, a better view of the board, distract yourself less and pay more attention.

· A class you have to take the need to take notes (with a spare pen if the other fails) material.

· A good strategy is to read at home the day before what the teacher intends to explain the next day as this will facilitate to continue his explanation.

· Take duties resolved to continue its correction in class.

· If the teacher asks volunteers to solve these problems introduce yourself volunteer: it shows that you have worked. Plus it allows you to go gain experience in public speaking.

· The class is the time to raise with the professor doubts that may arise. If you do not go to class you will be more difficult than you receive in your office with questions at the last moment.

· Watch your behavior in class, respect your teacher and their peers, and because failure to do so could jeopardize your grades. There are many times and places to have fun, but of course the class is not one of them.

· If you usually sit with a group of peers who do not pay attention it is desirable that you switch to another area of ​​the classroom.

· It is easier to follow the explanations. Also, you should not let you identify with the group shows no interest.

· Every day after class, it is advisable that you review what has been seen during the day as the teacher’s explanation still be “cool”, so it will be easier to understand and assimilate new concepts. This will also make it easier to assimilate the subject gradually and with the least possible effort.

· Always check that the notes are complete and understandable, and otherwise resolve this talking with the teacher or with fellow deficiencies.

When you already have become accustomed to all this will be much easier.

What is career planning?

The Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Career’ ( ‘Run’) as “an occupation carried out over a significant period of time during the life of a person, usually with opportunities for advancement.”

Career planning is a process, not a point bet. Career planning does not mean just the job search, but the search for employment as part of a well thought out plan, rigorously studied and updated periodically, focused on where you want to get (job satisfaction) and how you want to get starting from your current situation paying particular attention to your strengths and your weaknesses, and looking and taking full advantage of the opportunities you they arise, and to overcome them and achieve your goals. And your current situation may be that you are in a position to choose career start thinking about a change of job or career, or even in moving up within the company.

What is the bread-making career?

Career planning is

Career planning includes not only the type of work you do or the number of hours you put into it, but also your private life, the time you spend with your family and friends in activities of community leisure as well as dedicated to your personal development. Decisions regarding the race are part of a wider scheme: you can not make decisions about your career without taking into account the effect they will have on your life in general.

Moreover, a career plan can not guarantee a better job. However, yes it can provide the necessary tools to choose career, be competitive, look for deals and take advantage of opportunities that arise in an organization.

Career planning: your responsibility

The new realities of life and career standards require novel. Career progression is not a right but a responsibility that must be willing to assume. Organizations can not promise success in your career, however, they can become members along the way.

Some tips on how to develop a career plan

I hope this serves to get an idea of ​​what career planning. In other articles I’ll accompany you so you can make yours and, anyway, remember that there are professionals whose services you can hire and can help you produce it.

Use this new program to create your resume

When it comes to creating a resume, sometimes we spend too much time trying to format a Word as attractive as possible. But for people not used to format documents, it can be a bit difficult to get to explore all possible options. Sometimes all we need is a program where, by filling our information, format the resume automatically.

Here the program presents an example of how your resume will look like once completed.

The first is to include all your information: name, email, phone number, city where you live and LinkedIn address. If you do not have a profile on LinkedIn, you should create you one immediately.

In this section, Statement, you have the option to summarize your career in paragraph form. Now, not all candidates need to use this section. If you had a professional career that has followed a linear path, gaining position in the same company, or take enough time in the same job or if your career has been based on the same skills, do not need to use this section.

This is the section where you will include your professional experience. As you can see in the picture, there are three circles in which you can click, each for different jobs. Only you have room to include three of your work. For each type the company name, the city, your title, dates and a description of your responsibilities. In the box of responsibilities, recommend you not create spaces between the lines yourself, but use the asterisks (*) to create points (bullet points) to go on separate lines.

Includes races, masters, you’re done. You do not need to include High School, unless you have not completed a career and employment only required to have completed High School. Populating career information, you need not fill all spaces. For example, for someone who has achieved a very low GPA, you can leave that box blank.

In the next section or section, you are asked to detail your skills, especially those that correspond to the job you are applying.

Finally, on the last screen, you can change a couple of details on formatting, such as font, alignment or if you prefer not to have lines between sections. Although, without changing anything, at this time, your resume and be properly formatted, similar to that I showed as an example. Now you can save it as a PDF file to send by email or just print it.

Overall, the program is very well, is easy and quick to use, aportándote the ability to create your resume in a matter of minutes.

A meaningful life, success and happiness: 14 keys (I)

A meaningful life, success and happiness: 14 keys (I) .wallpaperswide.comgoogleimages

Sometimes we reach a point in life when it seems that things do not make sense. It is likely to feel a prisoner of certain situations: work, children, money, .. you have doubts about yourself and do not know what to do to achieve a satisfying and meaningful life, with success and happiness.

Misguided thoughts for fullness

You feel or think

§ “Lately I see there are things that no longer make sense to me in my work …”

§ “I have little (or not have) free time to enjoy …”

§ “I have to meet schedules, I have to ask permission to do what I want …”

§ “I do not know how I can be clever to start a business or enterprise to be profitable, allowing me and allow me to enjoy flexible hours …”

§ “I feel fear of leaving a steady job, to risk …”

§ “I feel insecurity and lack of confidence and ideas to undertake something new …”

§ “I feel widespread dismay at the above …”

These are the problems that many people come to the services of a personal coach. It’s not a bad idea. If this is your case I understand because I’ve been there. We will share the keys that can help you (and me helped me) to lead a full life, to achieve new successes, feeling done with what you are and what you do. All this with a working life that welfare and freedom, feeling your own future and increasingly progressing in your personal and financial life.

Keys to meaningful life, happiness and success.

Live a meaningful life, happiness and success can be the result of work in depth these keys

1.-Learning to accept mistakes and break you whenever you need it, taking strict decision to change from the inside without waiting for the solution comes from outside. Position yourself as the star and leave behind the role of victim that you did not lead anywhere, but rather I subtracts energy you can use to focus on what you do want and self worth.

2. Learn to find the opportunity and learning in every adverse or difficult situation that has touched you and you to live. Everything, everything that happens to us helps us to grow and helps us open our eyes to learn something we needed to know and probably would not have discovered otherwise.

3. Choose consciously undertake the journey “to the country of yourself” to know your treasures, your gifts, your talents, your vocation, who you are and how you can put all that into action after your dreams. Choose meet and discover every day as a tool to “use you” thoroughly to achieve everything you want to accomplish.

4. Learning to influence your thoughts and emotions in every situation they see fit to predispose to act effectively avoiding indecision, procrastination and lack of will and discipline. Automotívate yourself when all around you do not.

5. Learn to take care of myself physically, to exercise your body with activities you really enjoy (such as dancing, singing, yoga), to feed healthily, to have medical checkups day.

6. Being constantly learning. Develop yourself and educate the knowledge to help you get to where you want to go. Choose mentors who have already managed to reach the level to which you aspire. Learn their models, simúlalos to make them part of your personality. Empathize with them.

7. Learn to divert the focus from “what-will say” and mandates and family and cultural discourses, to focus on you, your beliefs, values ​​and principles, relying on who you are as valuable for the world and proud feeling be who you are beyond what others think or say about you.

8. Learn to develop effective communication designing effective to put in your environment relationships talks, the more possible in your favor. So you will be supported after my purposes.

9. Learn to clarify what you really want for your life, your ultimate goal, your mission, which is holding each of your actions every day with values ​​and principles that work as strong pillars and give meaning to your life every morning when you wake up.

If you work for every point and you get this and you’ve gone too far. Yet there are a few key more than I have for you and to help you complete the path you’re starting. You can read them here. You’ve read 9 keys, you still have to read and work 5. Go for it !!!

Should it be hair stylist?

Are you creative? Do you feel the need to express yourself? Do you love to share with others? The hair stylist career can be a good option for you. It is highly creative and many hair stylists can become your own boss and owner of the salon.

This race is a good way to express your creativity. Think about it, your hair is your most important accessory. Think of it as a frame for your face. This framework is part of you, it expresses your personality, your way of being. And the stylists are what create the framework that will express your style.

There are cuts that have changed the lives of many personalities like Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez Shakira both have their hair to differentiate and express your personality.

Work description

Hair stylist is a professional consultant on style, cut, color, hair care and maintenance. We also provide guidance on products that will help create and maintain your “look”.

As a hair stylist you can train in the area of ​​colorist or the crop area. Others specialize in treatments such as relaxers, extensions, etc.

They work in beauty salons, department stores, “spas”, hotels and can take an important role in the world of fashion. Many work as hair stylists for fashion shoots in the publishing, advertising area and / or fashion, “runway fashion shows”.

Interpersonal skills are important because they are constantly communicating with colleagues and customers. Being good at what you do and have a good personality is important to create a clientele and keep it. Already you know that hair stylists can become our best friends.

And they work up a good physical condition is key. Good resistance is essential for success in this race.

The requirements


Stylists working in a beauty salon can earn their salary in several ways

According to salary.com, the median salary for a typical hair stylist “Hairdresser / Hairstylist” in the United States is $ 23.762 USD. Those between the percentile of 75% to 90% can earn anywhere from $ 29,000 USD to $ 34.100 USD. These salaries vary depending on the state / city job, your experience and the specific arrangement you have with the beauty salon.

Employment potential

U.S. News and World Report identifies hair stylists as one of the best races of 2012. It is projected that this race should have a significant growth over the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 15.7% growth between 2010 and 2020 and about 98,400 positions in the cosmetology area will have to be filled.

One of the great opportunities this race is to establish your own salon. Many stylists with great entrepreneurial spirit and a solid clientele become both hairstylists and small business owner.

Other stylists enter the world of fashion and advertising by becoming session stylists. These specialize in hair styles for models and / or celebrities in the publishing world, “fashion shows”, commercials, movies, etc.

Hairdressers Journal provides a list of courses for those wishing to train as a stylist session.

Hairstylists can focus their career in a beauty salon as a stylist session or as the owner of a salon. The good news is that you can use your talent and creativity and do it all, a hair stylist in your own living room which also participates in the “top fashion shows” in the fashion world.

Tests to determine your career

Tests to determine your career’s decision to take tests to determine your career lies in the idea of ​​finding out what would be your best career choice based on your psychological characteristics. If you are not sure which career path to follow, these tests will help you connect your qualities with the most appropriate careers.

Many of these tests are free and available online. Although the most extensive and detailed require payment. In this article we will discuss the characteristics of these tests in general and detail some of them.

The results of these tests can help you in the decision to determine which career should go. Although you must remember that these results are only indicators and not a concrete answer. So, I recommend taking several of these tests to find out if there is consistency in the results. Besides, as these tests are based on your answers only, it is always good to consult with your personal and professional circle of friends to discover their opinion about your professional future.

This is a list of some of the most recognized tests to determine your future career

Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

One of the most popular to determine your personality type and careers that fit that personality type tests. Although for complete and personalized results have to pay, it is worth. If you still studying in college, go to the office job search assistance (Careers Office) to see if they have the available test and you take leave free.

Career Key

Another payment option. The purpose of the test is to compare yourself with six types of defined personality. The results include the most desirable works based on your dominant personality type.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Another of the most used in industry tests. It helps you discover your personality type, by qualifying as an artisan, guardian, rational or idealistic. The basic results are free, although you have to pay if you want to see the detailed and personalized report.

Strong Interest Inventory

Basically, this test includes an inventory of your most dominant interests. The results will help you discover your style of work, professional environments are more likely to you and your leadership style.

Color Career Quiz

Believe it or not, psychologists believe that your preferences when choosing your favorite colors can determine what type of jobs are best suited for you. This fun test only takes a few minutes. Use it as a complementary test and not as a sole determinant.

More tests to determine your career

personal results

In my case, and after taking all available tests, I have to say that the results were adjusted quite well with what I already knew. My main features are: apprentice, positive, flexible, and easy to generate ideas. Although I had to remove some of the recommended professions, most results pointed to careers as a writer, teacher, or marketing consultant. And basically, that’s what I do. So I must say, that tests yielded concrete and successful results.

What are your results? You are resemble what you do? Share with us your opinions / results.

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3 tips for women looking for work

When I sat down to write this article, I squirmed a little stomach having to write a list of specific tips for women. Why not just write a list of tips for job seekers? But as women interviewed professionals with experience in the workplace, they convinced me that definitely women, despite the progress that has been made, they still need specific advice for them.

Yes, I know that we are in the twenty-first century, women enjoy the same rights as men, and that no one should discriminate based on the number of children they may have, but the fact is that still, in many job interviews , the reality is very different. Still interviewers seem to discriminate as they learn that women have children at home. They fear that family responsibilities are to interfere with job performance.

In many cases, ask in a job interview, about the number of children or marital status can be considered illegal, so if they ask about your family, you can redirect the question, questioning the relevance of it with the ability to perform the job. The only way in which the interviewer could find out about that ability is to ask directly if the candidate has limitations when traveling or if you have some prior commitments that interfere with the work schedule. These last two questions would be more relevant and appropriate. Therefore, first let the interviewer ask the questions in a proper way. Avoid reveal all your personal information, just to break the ice in the conversation at first, which can harm you in getting employment.

For many, that to judge the appearance may seem antiquated, outdated, not cool, though, like the previous point, still plays an important role in the job interview. The truth is that the clothes, makeup, general appearance, reveals information, sometimes unintentionally, in the society in which we live. No matter how professional we are, a wrong choice when presenting public can ruin all chances of getting the job you want.

Another interviewed for this article, a saleswoman for a hotel chain, explained to me that the most effective way to dress for an interview is to investigate the outfits of women who already occupy higher positions within the company. For example, she told me that when he met, found a way in which two executives of that company were dressed, through photos of Google and the corporate website to adopt a similar style, always with the tendency to conservative: suits, blouses, minimal makeup …

Many women, especially those trying to make a hole in a predominantly male industry, suffer from a lack of overconfidence, as if he had to apologize for having come this far, to the extent that this lack of confidence is clearly reflected in his posture. appear downcast, arms crossed, occupying the smallest possible space, indicating a weakness and unworthiness.

Amy Cuddy and advised us in his now famous TED talk, women before an interview, should be taken 2 minutes, in private, to expand their bodies, stretch like a gorilla about to defend their territory. According to Amy, this body growth hormone has a positive effect, reducing stress hormone and giving greater confidence when facing the interview. Once he is sitting in front of the interviewer, keep an upright position, looking at the eyes, shrug, expanding the space occupied by your body.

Now, a note that highlighted several of the professionals interviewed for the article: “There is a fine line between confidence and what some men perceive as arrogance female English word that begins and ends in ch- bi so practice that interview several times with some friends to find the right balance. “

Passion or skill, what comes first?

How many times have we heard the advice to “seek a job in what really excites us, as if it were easy to achieve, I say find that job, but knowing what really excites us when we are starting our careers. If they had followed that advice literally, perhaps many of the most successful companies or entrepreneurs would not have existed.

Passion, often, it is not a divine inspiration that comes from the sky, like a heavenly call, but takes years, even decades of hard work until their appearance. The important thing is to focus on doing the things we do in the best way possible, improve the process, skills, cultivating our strengths until it reaches the time, the simple fact of doing things well, can result in the passion that all we look for in our careers.

In his book So Good They Can not Ignore You, Cal Newport argues that we should not pursue our passion, but let that passion finds us, stressing that workers are experiencing that feeling which have persisted for so long, improving its profession, doing things as well as they enjoy that level of performance they have achieved.

Obviously, not all jobs or jobs allow us to reach that level of abilities and skills, because in many of them, just so we just rudimentary tasks that do not allow us to advance our performance level. So, to get to that point, where passion could find us, we need to work in jobs that meet certain requirements, to keep us motivated long enough to reach that pinnacle. Such work should give us enough autonomy to feel that somehow control the work we do at work.

In a job where you send your superiors, tell you what you must do 100 percent of the time, does not leave a minimum of space to think freely, to develop our own ideas about what is possible. Without this autonomy, motivation decreases to such an extent that, at the first change, any similar offer will we make the jump to a new job or, which is the same for these workers, a check to make ends meet. Obviously, almost none of these employees spend enough time on these tasks to convertirses masters of nothing.

Which brings us to the second point: competition. Indispensable to enjoy that passion at work requirement is to be responsible in what we do, have acquired a high level in the skills required. And very intelligent and faster than we are, become someone competent in any field of work requires time, time to learn, practice, and eventually form our own ideas and techniques on our business, while we are able to share that competition with co-workers or making life better for our customers.

In the third and final requirement, we find the social aspect, with the need for us all humans to be part of a group. If all this autonomy or freedom to improve, and all that competition results in something we only benefits us, something that we do not share with anyone, it will lack that ingredient that makes us human. The ability to connect with other colleagues or even the ability to positively affect other lives, we will provide the final granite recipe ideal for eligible work, someday, to feel that passion for what we do.


So Good They Can not Ignore You. Cal Newport