10 psychological tips for a new job

In such a competitive market it is more difficult than ever to differentiate yourself in the job interview. If you followed all the advice as always: to investigate the organization in advance, dress professionally, arrive early and everything else. How can you impress?

Hiring decisions are based on more than skills and experience. It is also about instincts and reactions. All kinds of subtle psychological factors come into play, so then you left ten psychological tricks that can help provide a better impression.

1. Make a good conversation but without self-promotion

Attitudes like: praise the organization, to congratulate the interviewer, show enthusiasm, discuss common interests, smile and maintain eye contact help maintain a good interview unlike self-promotion pointless.

Shameless self-promotion is surprisingly ineffective. It does not help much take control of the interview or have impressive academic results.

Therefore, while employers often say that work experience and qualifications are the most important factors in choosing the right person for the job is not always the case.

2. Maintain self-control

Interviewers often ask questions about how to deal with difficult situations in the past. You’ve probably prepared an answer, but do you demonstrate the qualities that makes the interviewer is looking for?

You must know how to control stress that these difficult situations. Employers want to see that you are taking the initiative and control yourself.

3. Talk about yourself

Talking to oneself does not necessarily indicate a sign of madness if instead you can help in some aspects of your life, phrases like “I can enter the room safely” and “I can smile and firmly shake hands interviewer “can increase your security in the job interview.

4. Mental images

If athletes can successfully use mental imagery to improve their performance, Why do not people looking for a job? Like talking to oneself, preview images of yourself being congratulated by the interviewer and obtaining employment can help you gain more confidence.

5. Avoid a false smile

Body language is very important in a job interview but when there are no natural gestures the result can be worse, a fake smile can lead to a series of more negative than a face emotionless interpretations.

6. The famous handshake

As we are talking about body language, we should also mention the handshake. It is hard to believe that a handshake pose a big difference, but studies show that a grip can help in choosing a job especially in women.

7. Be defensive (if necessary)

In a job interview not necessarily need to have a passive role and just listen to cerradas.Mejor answers if a conversation with exchange of views where you must demonstrate the ideas and contributions can the job. Remember to keep your point of view before an excuse and even fewer use low, hesitant voice.

8. Be honest about your weaknesses

We all have flaws that try to hide rather than overcome and in the case of jobs it is best to be frank and honest since then during our work performance can lead to major problems, such as being in a job in which we perform bad but during the interview mentioned that is very experienced.

Naturally the interview should be a showcase of virtues rather than faults so I recommend playing the weaknesses at the beginning and be brief to then talk about all the benefits it can provide to the company in case you get the job.

9. Avoid buzzwords

It’s advice perhaps too often trite but failing that follow. Avoid short phrases or words that are repeated often like: ‘This …’, ‘well …’ ‘I …; experts recommend avoiding words ending in consonants s and r. Above all, avoid lengthening words.

10. Be unique

I guess if you face a job interview shopped online information. Be careful with the answers you are looking for as many people also find and responses can be so similar that you end up suffer from a lack of originality.

A novel answer may grant creativity to your response and thus higher scores on your score.

If you’re about to have a job interview internalizes these quick tips. Luck!