10 reasons why you do not get your goals (I)

Everyone in this world have goals and everyone would like to get those goals that we set and they have to see, in broad strokes with three areas around what you would like a person




When the work is the center of our lives you are three facets are put into play mainly in your everyday job development, your labor relations … To think about why you do not get your goals have to ask yourself questions in these three areas: your being, you do and what you have. Why you not get what you want? I propose 10 causes why you may not get what you want. Here I leave the first four. You can read the other 6 here.

Read carefully and see if you identify with one or more of the following causes. You know I know the problem is the first step.

1.NO you know what you want.

You get up, you go to work, meet and come back home. Do your work, but without a clear direction.

If you spend some time thinking about it and put it in writing you will see the clear relationship to all three. If you do not have a clear idea of ​​where you are going how will you achieve your goals. What I want to say is that you do not define your goals approach regardless of what they want to be and what you do. A goal is to have in reach. Although we talk about work, note that you may be part of your may need to be done, making and establishing goals in other areas.


Sometimes it is not you do not know what you want but what you say you want is not really want it. Wishing not to say what you want but feel what you want. Goethe already pointed out: “If you do not feel, you will not succeed.” Looking for social applause, external approval, which is cool. You know, coach, community manager, personal shopper, cool-hunter … what sticks at all times. It is an option, but for others to love what you do you have to do what you love. When dreams are rendered, the results are usually predictable … bad. Replantéate marked on point one and be honest with yourself. Do you do what you really want or what they want others?

In this case it is also possible that what you want is a passenger and fashions change story you see if a north and if you do not have your resilience low self-esteem. People finally and heart, we applaud the genuine. Do not be blinded by false applause.


You know what you want but do not take the step. You want to have him tied up, see all the way ahead. But overplanning paralyzed. Action is the perfection of the decision. Decision without action is hallucination, fantasy, mental pirouettes. The smallest action is better than the greatest intention. We are what we do, not what we think or say or planned. Dream big but starts small. And after a little planning: Act now!

4. NO are disciplined

You’ve committed to going ‘without fail’ to run after work. Started well, with enthusiasm and desire. Until you bought new shoes. But there comes a day when you’re tired, cold, drizzle in the street … and on top of your favorite team plays the game of the year. And faults. And of course, you use the great specialty of the human being is justified: “For a day nothing happens.” But, if it happens. The day you stop practicing good habits you start to settle in another bad. Running it applies to dieting, learn English (or Chinese), go to the gym, ballroom dancing … and all those little things that you and I know.

Willpower is like a muscle, if you exercise more and costs less move. And you will learn to enjoy an organized routine.

So far the four leading causes over which should think if you identify yourself to achieve your goals. You may also read appropriate complementary way about mistakes we make when deciding to change jobs if you think you need is a change in this area.

I hope that here you’ve been able to learn something more about yourself that will lead you to get what you want.