10 tips for your LinkedIn

10 essential tips for your LinkedIn, you will find areas of this professional network where you should focus. The first thing to be clear is your main objective in using LinkedIn. Have you created an account because a friend advised him to you? Are you going to use LinkedIn as a tool in your job search? LinkedIn should be one of your main tools in your job search and not a hobby or just another social network.

That said, not expect that, after creating an account on LinkedIn, you begin to rain the job. LinkedIn just help you find relevant contacts and to facilitate the possibility that firms / headhunters to find you. If you are clear that you supplement your job search strategy with LinkedIn, try the following tips apply as soon as possible.

Your profile (profile)

LinkedIn Answers

Recommendations (Recommendations)

The recommendations represent the opinion “objective” of people who have had a professional relationship with you in previous work. A person without any recommendation LinkedIn profile represents someone whom no one has been able to write a paragraph to corrobar all the “subjective” information written by you. Maybe what you have written on your profile sounds great, with achievements in all your previous work, but have not achieved that no one has written a tip for you. That person will not be very successful when their profile is discovered by companies that hire. Demonstrates initiative and contact with several of the supervisors, colleagues, teachers have had in the past. Ask them if they could please write a paragraph about yourself (as a professional). Do not make the mistake of asking family members to write a personal recommendation. What it is is to present a second professional opinion on your achievements and your potential as an employee. At a minimum, you should have four recommendations on your profile.

Advanced Search (advanced search)

Groups (groups)

Keywords (keywords)

Remember that LinkedIn not only want to find relevant people in your industry, but also want me to find you. The way both situations occur is through the use of keywords. Just as when you enter Google, typing keywords like “looking for a job in Houston,” so does LinkedIn when headhunters and companies are looking to their future employees. In this case, companies use keywords such as “entitled bilingual MBA in Houston.” To make your profile appears in search words such as “MBA” or “bilingual” should appear on your LinkedIn page. Therefore, carefully review job postings you want to find words (skills or requirements) frequently used. Do not make the mistake that a user who saw his desired job seeking graduates of Yale and Yale decided to include in his profile (the user had not even finished high school). Use key words and always they reflect the truth.

Links to 3 websites (website links)

Number of contacts: Quality or quantity?

When your goal is an indirect contact

Suppose you did the search before it presented “insurance salesmen in Virginia” and LinkedIn has presented you with 10 results People who meet the requirements of title (insurance salespeople) and geographic location (Virginia). But none of the results have a direct relationship with you (1st degree connection) are all second degree (2nd degree connections). Or what is the same, do not have direct access to any of them. Luckily, you can ask any of your connections that you contact these sellers. In the results, it will show how to get to each of them through your contacts. Obviously, to ask direct your contact introduce you to someone, you must first have a relationship of trust with that contact. Why it is vital to strike a balance quality / quantity among your contacts.

Clarity in all your posts

As you have seen with all the tips presented, the use LinkedIn in your search represents a promotion exercise your personal brand (personal branding). And one of the tactics for promoting a personal brand is clarity in all kinds of messages sent from creation of your profile to the answers / questions in the Answers section. If your message as a search engine work insurance salesman includes the following keywords: “10 years of experience, growth of 80 percent in sales, experienced in X technology”, your message throughout the LinkedIn network must confirm this potential and knowledge within the industry selling insurance. So when a headhunter discover your profile (thanks to the keywords you used), you can conclude that you are qualified for the vacant positions of insurance salesmen candidate.