3 activities you can help start the day

If you are the people who have difficulty getting out of bed, breakfast what they can, run non-stop until the children have left home or until the clock strikes unwanted hour, and when they realize the day has passed without finishing anything we set out to do, you’re not alone.

To start the day in a more productive way, begin to complete what you really propose and not feel overwhelmed from the first minute, we recommend a series of routines. We all know that humans are creatures of habit, we like to eat the same things, take the same milk, buy the same places … The only thing that happens is that, often, not us we’ve stopped plan these customs, but have been, in some way or another, imposed on us. Among the education they gave us our fathers, who hammered certain customs that we have not even raised in the last 20 years to companies whose goal is to create addictions or habits to buy their products or services without even thinking, it is normal that we have never sat create our own routine.

A routine, according to modern psychology, has the ability to greatly affect the results we get every day. Sure, it sounds simple. Change and go. But change is not easy, since by the very fact of being creatures of habit, we are also animals, from our ancestors, we have been conservative. The change for our ancestors was a threat. So change, it sounds very simple task, it is not. For that reason and for the fact that we have a limited force will advise you start that change, item by item. Do not try to change your morning routine to incorporate five new activities. Start with one, continues the same, to the extent that it becomes automatic. At the precise moment when you no longer have to think about that or new activity begins to take the second.

To begin with the first activity, whatever you choose from the following list, we will hold out some little trick our brain, which is called in psychological jargon as a trigger. That is, suppose we decided to do exercises every morning for 12 minutes before starting the day. The first thing to do is to facilitate this task, preparing necessary for the activity. Put your sneakers next to the bed so that as soon as you get up, do not have to look for them all over the house. If you have to find the shoes for 10 minutes and can not find them, you would be giving the perfect excuse to go back to bed. If apart from the shoes, you’ve prepared your favorite tune to give you energy and you have prepared on the phone, you plug in headphones, you wear shoes and wham … to exercise. Therefore, for each of the activities that we present, looking for ways to have everything prepared before starting the activity, activating the trigger (trigger) automatically.

Exercising in the morning, no matter how little time you spend you will not only activate your mind, but also awaken all your muscle to face the new day in a more productive manner;. More »

Meditate, although it seems somewhat difficult to adopt activity can help concentration and relaxation of body and mind, removing some of the stress in seeking employment. More »

Keeping a journal can help you detail the things that you achieved each day, then to analyze the steps you’re taking, the mistakes you have committed and the changes that you have to perform;. More »