3 tips for women looking for work

When I sat down to write this article, I squirmed a little stomach having to write a list of specific tips for women. Why not just write a list of tips for job seekers? But as women interviewed professionals with experience in the workplace, they convinced me that definitely women, despite the progress that has been made, they still need specific advice for them.

Yes, I know that we are in the twenty-first century, women enjoy the same rights as men, and that no one should discriminate based on the number of children they may have, but the fact is that still, in many job interviews , the reality is very different. Still interviewers seem to discriminate as they learn that women have children at home. They fear that family responsibilities are to interfere with job performance.

In many cases, ask in a job interview, about the number of children or marital status can be considered illegal, so if they ask about your family, you can redirect the question, questioning the relevance of it with the ability to perform the job. The only way in which the interviewer could find out about that ability is to ask directly if the candidate has limitations when traveling or if you have some prior commitments that interfere with the work schedule. These last two questions would be more relevant and appropriate. Therefore, first let the interviewer ask the questions in a proper way. Avoid reveal all your personal information, just to break the ice in the conversation at first, which can harm you in getting employment.

For many, that to judge the appearance may seem antiquated, outdated, not cool, though, like the previous point, still plays an important role in the job interview. The truth is that the clothes, makeup, general appearance, reveals information, sometimes unintentionally, in the society in which we live. No matter how professional we are, a wrong choice when presenting public can ruin all chances of getting the job you want.

Another interviewed for this article, a saleswoman for a hotel chain, explained to me that the most effective way to dress for an interview is to investigate the outfits of women who already occupy higher positions within the company. For example, she told me that when he met, found a way in which two executives of that company were dressed, through photos of Google and the corporate website to adopt a similar style, always with the tendency to conservative: suits, blouses, minimal makeup …

Many women, especially those trying to make a hole in a predominantly male industry, suffer from a lack of overconfidence, as if he had to apologize for having come this far, to the extent that this lack of confidence is clearly reflected in his posture. appear downcast, arms crossed, occupying the smallest possible space, indicating a weakness and unworthiness.

Amy Cuddy and advised us in his now famous TED talk, women before an interview, should be taken 2 minutes, in private, to expand their bodies, stretch like a gorilla about to defend their territory. According to Amy, this body growth hormone has a positive effect, reducing stress hormone and giving greater confidence when facing the interview. Once he is sitting in front of the interviewer, keep an upright position, looking at the eyes, shrug, expanding the space occupied by your body.

Now, a note that highlighted several of the professionals interviewed for the article: “There is a fine line between confidence and what some men perceive as arrogance female English word that begins and ends in ch- bi so practice that interview several times with some friends to find the right balance. “