4 data on women in the labor market

Speaking a little of the verdict in the trial of Ellen Pao against Klein investment firm in Silicon Valley. The applicant denounced the company for gender discrimination. Ellen denunciĆ³n the enterprise environment was discriminatory for women, since their departure to minor positions that correspond to important meetings, through the chauvinistic attitude of many of the components of your computer.

Although, according to his statements in the New York Times, many women say that macho attitude is typical in Silicon Valley, the strange thing here is that a woman has dared to denounce the situation. According to the same article, the general rule is that silence is bought in such cases. Thus, companies ensure that scandals do not see the light of day.

Although Ellen Pao has lost the case in court, women have made the debate around Silicon Valley on corporate culture is open, and not only in the technology sector but the financial, and perhaps expand to the entire labor market.

To understand the current situation of women in the labor market, we present some important data, collected from the statistical office job


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New York Times, Ellen Pao Disrupts How Does Silicon Valley Business