5 Best companies to work from home (II). The two less demanding.

We talked about three of the top five US companies to work from home. They are the ones that pay more. And also, it is true, for there to be more formed by the positions they offer. But there are other two where you go to work will be easier and require less.

Teach For America

In Teach for America you will make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children across the country, and spend more time at home while you’re at it. So, I trabajanado for them you can feel less guilty about not being able to spend time with your children and, even more, because in addition, these ayundo others. You will no longer wonder if you should have had children. Teach For America is an entity and non-profit structure of US Jovene attracts many graduates who work hard in their curriculums. But you do not need to be graduated for many positions. And besides, even if you should volunteer because volunteering is a filter on a full-time employment with the company.

Alpine Access

This company is a virtual call center that deserves a mention as one of the largest fully virtual companies in the country. Alpine Access work is similar, almost equal work for any call center, which means you have to be in front of the computer taking calls, unless you’re sipping a break or eating. On the positive side, the system installed you according to your ability and training that give service accepts input from home customer financial services, such as video game specialist and receive calls health care. It is not telemarketing but customer. That if the company insists that workers contracted childcare or a maid to do the work behind the office door of your house closed to prevent noise distractions.

Notice to those who want to work from home

Company research Teleworker (and I) warns: Avoid “too good to be true” (in English). All are scams.

If working from home is your target job search, be careful. A lot of companies swindlers preying on job seekers looking to make some easy money from your couch. I myself have tried a couple of them to investigate. We require a payment and send you surveys to fill why, for example, only enter the draw for a Play Station, when they had prmetido I was earning $ 3,000 a month filling out surveys for two hours daily. There are many companies they do surveys but generally only offer points to redeem for gifts or entering sweepstakes. Pair also make initial questions to see if you qualify for the survey. Therefore, not all surveys that you start and you’ll be able to complete them without points if you are interested.

In any case, working from home has its pros and cons: evaluate them.