7 ways to improve your online presence

LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has become one of the tools most used by recruiters to get their employees. I recently told an executive of Amazon that, despite having hundreds of recruiters visit college campuses and job fairs, their main source of employees reside on LinkedIn. No doubt keep an updated profile with a nice picture, a summary that includes your most relevant and current achievements is imperative today.

Twitter account. Twitter serves not only to follow interesting people or to see what you’ve eaten a celebrity this morning, this tool used by thousands of companies to find staff. How do they do that? Very simple: search engines often interested in a particular company accustomed to dialogue with the Twitter account of the company, asking questions using the appropriate hashtag or simply asking direct questions.

Check your Facebook profile. Although Facebook has not become a professional network, nor will overtake LinkedIn as a source of relevant candidates, it is important to keep your profile as clean as possible because when a company is interested in you, through LinkedIn or Twitter , they cast an eye on your Facebook account to see if there is something that removes you from the competition.

Google Search. Just as companies seek you on Facebook, so will through Google. Therefore, before they do them, get yourself to yourself, examines the results. Does it come out something negative but is not yours but someone else with your same name? Then get ready to answer questions about the topic in your job interview. What did not leave enough positive things about you in your search? Then make your content more visible through social networks like these, through Google+ or creating you a personal web page.

Create a home page in About.me. There is no easier way to create you a personal web that About.me. All you have to do is fill the spaces with content, include a picture quality that’s all. Within minutes you already have a personal page, which can include some of your most important achievements, in an attractive format, effective and high impact on your search.

LinkedIn groups. Aside from getting an updated Linkedin profile, that picture quality, ideally a bit interact within the platform. For that, you can use LinkedIn groups, communities of users with common interests to share ideas, suggestions and issues within the community. Participating in these groups does not mean asking each member to offer you a job. It means you must first add value, providing answers to questions, sharing topics of interest with other members. The most important among these groups is the quality participation.

Composing a message, a personal story. Many companies find a candidate LinkedIn, are interested in its potential, but when you are on Twitter or read your resume, they encounter a totally different person. They are not consistent in their messages. As brands grow from a consistent message, professional candidates should stand for something similar. For example, if you look at the tasks for your friends and family constantly call you (fix the computer, write messages, help with ticket sales nephews), you will discover what you known. In your professional history, as usually happens. Discover some of your best skills and include them in your profiles through the web, either LinkedIn or Twitter, so that when the company finds you, know your history immediato.