A meaningful life, success and happiness: 14 keys (I)

A meaningful life, success and happiness: 14 keys (I) .wallpaperswide.comgoogleimages

Sometimes we reach a point in life when it seems that things do not make sense. It is likely to feel a prisoner of certain situations: work, children, money, .. you have doubts about yourself and do not know what to do to achieve a satisfying and meaningful life, with success and happiness.

Misguided thoughts for fullness

You feel or think

§ “Lately I see there are things that no longer make sense to me in my work …”

§ “I have little (or not have) free time to enjoy …”

§ “I have to meet schedules, I have to ask permission to do what I want …”

§ “I do not know how I can be clever to start a business or enterprise to be profitable, allowing me and allow me to enjoy flexible hours …”

§ “I feel fear of leaving a steady job, to risk …”

§ “I feel insecurity and lack of confidence and ideas to undertake something new …”

§ “I feel widespread dismay at the above …”

These are the problems that many people come to the services of a personal coach. It’s not a bad idea. If this is your case I understand because I’ve been there. We will share the keys that can help you (and me helped me) to lead a full life, to achieve new successes, feeling done with what you are and what you do. All this with a working life that welfare and freedom, feeling your own future and increasingly progressing in your personal and financial life.

Keys to meaningful life, happiness and success.

Live a meaningful life, happiness and success can be the result of work in depth these keys

1.-Learning to accept mistakes and break you whenever you need it, taking strict decision to change from the inside without waiting for the solution comes from outside. Position yourself as the star and leave behind the role of victim that you did not lead anywhere, but rather I subtracts energy you can use to focus on what you do want and self worth.

2. Learn to find the opportunity and learning in every adverse or difficult situation that has touched you and you to live. Everything, everything that happens to us helps us to grow and helps us open our eyes to learn something we needed to know and probably would not have discovered otherwise.

3. Choose consciously undertake the journey “to the country of yourself” to know your treasures, your gifts, your talents, your vocation, who you are and how you can put all that into action after your dreams. Choose meet and discover every day as a tool to “use you” thoroughly to achieve everything you want to accomplish.

4. Learning to influence your thoughts and emotions in every situation they see fit to predispose to act effectively avoiding indecision, procrastination and lack of will and discipline. Automotívate yourself when all around you do not.

5. Learn to take care of myself physically, to exercise your body with activities you really enjoy (such as dancing, singing, yoga), to feed healthily, to have medical checkups day.

6. Being constantly learning. Develop yourself and educate the knowledge to help you get to where you want to go. Choose mentors who have already managed to reach the level to which you aspire. Learn their models, simúlalos to make them part of your personality. Empathize with them.

7. Learn to divert the focus from “what-will say” and mandates and family and cultural discourses, to focus on you, your beliefs, values ​​and principles, relying on who you are as valuable for the world and proud feeling be who you are beyond what others think or say about you.

8. Learn to develop effective communication designing effective to put in your environment relationships talks, the more possible in your favor. So you will be supported after my purposes.

9. Learn to clarify what you really want for your life, your ultimate goal, your mission, which is holding each of your actions every day with values ​​and principles that work as strong pillars and give meaning to your life every morning when you wake up.

If you work for every point and you get this and you’ve gone too far. Yet there are a few key more than I have for you and to help you complete the path you’re starting. You can read them here. You’ve read 9 keys, you still have to read and work 5. Go for it !!!