An everyday hero

A family recently lost his job, a corporate job that gave him the security he needed to support his family of five, because of the visa. The company was not willing to pay what level employee should be winning.

With the need to keep his family afloat, paying the monthly mortgage, food, he was forced to seek work wherever. Despite having completed a career and a master, he was forced to accept a job waiting tables at a restaurant in the area. Not so, however, he ceased to dream, to believe in himself. In his head he roared the voice that shouted he had to look for something different, something to apply their more than ten years of sales experience, his four-year career and his master. One way to use everything he has learned in the academic university and college life. And so, despite working ten hours a day, six days a week, each gap that was when his family slept, looking for ways to econtrar another job, even ways to create a business or work for yourself.

Its preparation, his perseverance, his desire, his faith in himself, encouraged him to submit a project to a distant relative of his wife, who lives in another state, dedicated to the import of construction materials and wholesale distribution. He presented a proposal to handle the distribution in their own state, starting from scratch, taking advantage of that day off a week’s work waiter left him. The adventure has not been easy, from the moment he left his home country, their families, their customs, their roots to give them a safer your family, with more opportunities future, but there still, day by day, becoming a hole in the middle of a bleak picture. It has been evils moments, others worse, moments that forged the person who made us put everything in perspective on what, as an immigrant, you must sacrifice to get ahead.

No, this is not the story of how the overnight, became, with many stories of heroes, the main distributor of the company, or how it has become a millionaire, because those cases occur in very rarely. No, this is not that story. This is a more common, more ordinary, more normal, more than everyday hero story.

Today, still struggle daily sales, as it has almost ceased work waiter gets enough money to support his family and still dreaming of better projects. He recently sent me for revision, a plan to open a store with those building materials, a project that would take it a step further. It has not recovered yet economic security that he enjoyed his corporate job, but still gets up every morning eager to win every dollar effort, perseverance, hoping to put into practice all their experience and knowledge. Maybe one day it succeeds, maybe not. You may have to return to work as a waiter if it fails. But you can feel satisfied that, instead of hiding, sinking to these adversities, is giving it all to forge a better future. And that counts a lot.

Both professional success and staff can be defined in many different ways, in the form of possessions, leisure, security … What we must remember is always that all carry value, we can all contribute our grain of sand. Without the fear of failure or rejection invade us, we must give the best of ourselves if we, at least, enjoy the opportunity to improve ourselves.

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