Analysis of hiring practices in Google

A human resources executive of Google reveals several conclusions we have reached after analyzing their hiring practices: university qualifications are useless; -brainteasers- puzzle type questions in the interviews do not help, and the number of employees in Google without university degrees has increased in recent years.

Google: a mirror look

Google, the best company to work in the United States, has used his analytical capabilities and access to thousands of employees to reach these conclusions. They are not based on personal opinions of executives, but a thorough analysis for years. Being a leader in the industry, a place where everyone wants to work, and their ability to access and analyze all information about its labor practices, the data revealed in the study may affect how to hire many other organizations.

Do not be alarmed if you did not get perfect grades in college

The most striking fact: university qualifications not “serve” for nothing. Although there were studies that highlighted that students with less good grades (C students) achieve greater success in the professional field, Google’s analysis corroborates. Administrators must be working hard to argue otherwise. But the fact is that those students who achieved grades (C) for having spent time in other useful activities sports-equipment, volunteer groups, companies estudiantiles- officers have been better prepared for what the professional field demand. On the other hand, students with excellent grades (A) may only have been focused on books, victims of an educational system that rewards with excessive generosity, data storage, without requiring the practical application and multidiscplinaria that is so values ​​in the “street”.

What good is knowing how many stations exist in Manhattan

As such puzzle questions, the data revealed by the HR executive of Google not surprise me. Although some interviewers defend this kind of brainteasers questions “How many gas stations there in Manhattan?”, As it can draw from those answers may be the ability of a candidate to think cleverly and quickly. Beyond the ingenuity and quick thinking, Google has not observed any correlation to predict the success of the interviewee. However, they did have observed that the best type of questions (at least for Google) are the ones that carry the candidate to his professional past and have to explain a particular situation in detail. (You know this kind of situational questions).

Increase employees without university degrees

Finally, the executive that has seen an increase in the number of Google employees without college career. Although this should not become an argument about whether or not to attend college, I believe it should be used to send a message to all college administrators about the need for educational reform. We need a system that rewards plus the ability to think critically, synthesize information and create connections. And put less emphasis on rote memorization and standardized tests, how do disservice to students.

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