Asked in an interview for the post of attorney

Although the questions you can ask in an interview for the post of attorney may vary depending on the type of law you exercise, immigration, criminal, etc., there are some common questions you should prepare before the day of the interview.

First of all, and remember never to spare for any interview should be on time. If you do not know where you interview, be sure to take a tour around the area the day before to find the best route or parking areas well. always have that there may be some traffic, so take care not to be late under any circumstances to be controlled. If you arrive early, you can practice outside the building and simply show up at the office ten minutes before the agreed time.

Remember also deal with kindness to people you encounter, from the person who opens the door of the building, working in the lobby or secretary of the interviewer.

Keep your confidence as you head into the office, looking the interviewer in the eye and giving a safe, firm but not aggressive handshake. It is normal, however much you’ve practiced, you feel nervous at the beginning of the interview. These nerves can be used as positive energy and also communicated to the employment interviewer that you really care. Some interviewers will behave in a friendly way, while others will make you a little life possible, which is normal if they try to discover how you react in times of pressure, high stress. It is in that moment when you must remain calm. Inhale and exhale. Keep a cool head and do not take it as a personal insult, but as a challenge that you must overcome to reach the top, employment you so desire.


– Tell your personal story

– Why did you choose to be a lawyer?

– What was the last book you read you, without law books?

– What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?

– Tell me something interesting that you have not included in your resume

– How do you define success in your mind?

– Is there any case be impossible to defend you?

– Why did you leave your last job?

– What did you do in the period that has passed since your graduation in college and law school?

– How would you describe your ideal job?

– Why did you choose this company?

– What would you say is one of the most important challenges for the company in the coming years?

– What did you liked most in law school?

– Tell me about some recent Supreme Court decision with which you disagree. And explĂ­ame why.

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