Balancing your career and your personal life

During the early years of my professional life I worked hard, slept little and “stress” was a normal state as working in the advertising area in the city that never sleeps, New York. Everything changed when I got married and started our family. Balance between my career and my personal life was no longer a luxury but a critical necessity. Today both young people starting a career as the not so young are not waiting to start a family to understand how important it is to have balance between your career and your personal life.

Quality of life is priceless and you can achieve your personal and professional goals while living a life of peace and happiness. Follow these tips and you will see a balanced life will affect all aspects of your life positively.

What is a balanced life?

Each person has their own definition of a “balanced” life. The common factor is the desire for human fulfillment in your life.

Recognizes the stress in your life

As a recovery program or “recovery”, first you have to recognize the problem. We all have stress, the question is how much you have and how you handle it. It is important to understand that stress can be a murderer, The American Institute of Stress reports that stress can cause heart attacks, sudden death, arthritis, some cancers, infections and a number of diseases due to impaired function immune system. Understanding that have high levels of stress you are recognizing that there is work to do in your life. Work that includes reduce stress and get a more balanced life.

He understands what is not working

Become difficult questions and answer them honestly. This exercise will help you identify gaps in your life and set goals. For example: Do you spend enough time with your family and friends? Do you have time to rest and take care of yourself? Are you using your time wisely at work? Are you in the right job?

After this exercise, sort your findings and identifies areas that are going to work. For example

Set goals

Keep your goals simple and specific. It includes the time and date to achieve them. For example, if you identify your family life as an area that you need to set specific goals change as a “family night”. That day will be leaving work at a specific time or from home will work to ensure on time. And very important, they are not allowed cell phones, electronic games or television, just good conversation.

It is important to set goals both personal and professional area. For a balanced life will have to make changes in both.

Get organized and manage your time

Many of us spend our days and nights running, always trying to achieve 100 things at once. However, at the end of the day we felt disappointed when not even half completed. We must make every moment count and be realistic. Manage your time effectively is a key strategy for achieving a balanced life. Some tips include

It recognizes that a career change may be the solution

You can love what you do but over time has changed your life and your career is no longer compatible with it. After trying several solutions recognize that a career change is the only option for you. With good planning and a positive attitude for a career change and / or employment may be exactly what you need to bring balance to your life. Do your homework, research the companies that respect the balance between work and personal life and follow your heart.

The definition of a balanced life is very individual and is a continuous process, it is important to take control and create a plan that works for you. Bearing in mind that a balanced life allows you to live moments of happiness, peace, satisfaction and fun. And remember that “only live once”, so “live” real.