Become a more qualified candidate

Discovering that you do not have the necessary requirements to get the job you want is frustrating. Although in some cases the requirements can get you very far, either by a minimum number of years of experience did not arrive or a specific diploma, in other cases the distance is much shorter, as an update of a skill or the acquisition of some specific knowledge.

In these cases, the best we can do is update those skills or acquire this knowledge we lack through some online course. Today there are platforms that allow you to complete courses in a free and convenient way. Before you begin, however, I want to encourage you, when you choose one of the courses you try to complete until the end, as long as the description thereof has drawn attention you enough to start it. I say this because one of the problems within the online education is the high dropout rate there, so completing a course, not only will the knowledge gained, but also You will demonstrate discipline, a very valuable skill in any candidate labor.

Udemy.- One of the first platforms to join the revolution of online education in 2010, now has more than 30,000 courses available, 7 million students and over 19,000 instructors. Although most of the most popular courses focus on technology, such as web development from scratch Victor Bastos ($ 199), there are courses in almost every subject imaginable. Not all courses are extra, although most if, so if you really interested in a subject, try a mini course or free video to see if it really worth paying.

Coursera.- This platform is totally different from Udemy mainly because their courses are free and because it has been formed as a consortium of traditional universities (Princeton, Stanford, Yale and others) experienced in the world of online education. As Udemy, the most popular courses have to do with technology and programming, which can be normal if we consider that the most comfortable when taking an online course people are the same who feel a passion for technology general. Unlike Udemy, I have not yet discovered any course in Spanish, although if you’re looking for work in the United States, you should feel comfortable enough to take something in English.

EDX – This platform is very similar to Coursera, as it is also a consortium of universities (Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and others) who have decided to experiment in the world of online education.

OpenCourseWare – Another consortium, this time worldwide, responsible for providing university courses online and free. As an international initiative, there are courses in several languages, including Spanish.

Khan Academy – This platform provides explanatory videos on various subjects, so it is a good entry point for anyone who wants to experience, informal and simple, about how online education works.

I could name several more, as, Academic Earth, or iTunesU, but I have included the platforms that I have more experience. Besides, sometimes we sink into a sea of ​​possibilities and just paralyzed, not knowing what to choose. What I recommend is to not waste time looking for the perfect course, is deciding where the niche that separates you from the job you seek is, as far as knowledge is concerned. If you need to learn a computer language in particular looking for that course. If you need to learn something about advertising on Facebook, take that course. The clearer you have what you want, the faster you can start reducing the distance that separates you from the job you so desire. Every day, every lesson, you’ll find a little closer. Good luck.

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