Change jobs, less money

This morning I met, as usual, with an executive of one of the largest companies in the country, which we call P, to discuss hiring practices or any subject that I could share with you, and that may be useful in any job search. In his role, this executive is responsible for hiring dozens of people every year, what has already accumulated considerable experience.

In the story he shared with me, exactly a year ago, his company had made an offer to a candidate, whom we will call M. After several days considering the offer, M rejected the offer because it seemed little money that was offered. M continued use until just a year, my partner P, a person, completely oblivious to what had happened a year ago, he recommended to hire M for the same position. Although initially, P thought it was a waste of time because it had made an offer and was rejected, and working conditions had not changed, the end decided to arrange an informal meeting.

From the beginning of the conversation, P was very clear, saying that work and supply were exactly the same that had been put on the table the previous year. But apart from presenting the same conditions, also he was interested in your current job satisfaction. ┬┐Enjoyed his work in day to day? As answer P realized that M did not enjoy his job, which was not challenging, not learned, so he decided interrrumpirlo to propose the following: If your interest is purely economic, finish your coffee and leave this interview because I’m not going to improve the supply, but if besides money, attracts you solve problems and work in a challenging environment, keep talking. Moreover, it takes two days to think about it. That same night, M called to accept a formal interview.

P, who was in charge of organizing job interview, decided to completely change the traditional format -Questions general, trading conditions, etc.- and, instead, chose to invite several engineers to present the candidate’s most challenging problems those who were facing today. Just coming out of the interview, M, our candidate, decided to accept the same offer that was rejected a few months, while expressing satisfaction with the big difference between this interview and last year, highlighting how exciting it was to hear other engineers about the challenges they faced.

First, a company that is really interested in your services, your skills can be adapted to really see other advantages besides economic, when we consider an offer.

The other point is the ability of M desubrir that as long as we get to an acceptable amount of compensation, there are other factors that affect our decision to accept a job offer. Not always the highest economic offer represents a greater satisfaction. In many cases, employment demands of us more than 50 hours a week in the company. Would not you rather be happy with the work you do during that time, even gaining a little less?

The next time you analyze a job, investigates about the comments of employees in social networks where you can find, but try to discover how people who work in that company, especially if you’re lucky enough to feel able to choose between various offers. Remember that once covered the basic economic needs, more savings targets that you can make, there are other very important elements that affect your level of professional and personal satisfaction.