Companies to work from home (I). The highest paying.

Working from home is more popular than we think, according to research conducted by the Telework Research Network activity. Reports of the research group found that one in five American workers work from home at least one day a week, and about 3 million workers never set foot in an office outside the home. That number is expected to increase, nothing more and nothing less than 63 percent over the next five years. It is good news that great opportunities will open. This is due to the involvement of businesses in reducing gases to prevent worsening of the greenhouse effect and, with home workers, companies save money. Two good arguments for proponérselos yours.

Tired of going to the office

You may be tired of spending large amounts of money on travel just to sit in an office all day and curses out of your mouth when you come home.

Good companies to work from home

Skip your your daily dose of traffic with these companies allow telecommuting, and check out some tips that can help you succeed in the job search to work from home. Here I leave information on the five best companies to work from home.


Workers giant global networks Cisco suffered layoffs in 2012, but Cisco continues in the market thanks to the fact that 90 percent of its employees are “normal” travelers, this is called ” Regular commuters ” that they work from home at least one fifth of the time, according to CNN Money. Job opportunities from home offered are in the areas of

The size of the company and the large number of sectors for which works, allows it to offer work from home not only to graduates in Computer Science. In addition, larger companies are more likely to allow telework small. One option, if you’re not an expert in these areas, is to have a simpler work from home doing reports.


This is another strong technology company. Oracle began hiring teletrabajoadores from the start of the use of Sun Microsystems in 2010, which facilitates working from home. The detailed survey highlighted Telework, from the onset of use of this system increased production for the employer and the employee also stressed that employees engaged”en oficina” 60% of travel time to the company do work. They were involved as you should be, if you want to work from home. Because you have to be disciplined.

Oracle may first get hired to work your workweek of five days in the office, but eventually provides benefits pra work from home by experience and seniority While you can start with a working week of five days, the teleworking companies often provide benefits to working from home with the experience and seniority.

American Express

Telework reports indicate that sales representatives in USA of American Express handle working from home more than 26 percent more calls and generate 43 percent more business than their peers who work from home. The reason behind the numbers? Homeworkers are less likely to call in sick, they are able to manage appointments at home, and more likely to work harder and more time at work. As companies continue to see production figures rise, US workers can see more and more opportunities to work from home.

In this article I have left you the first of the five best companies to work from home three. These three companies are the ones that pay as teleworker .. You may find it difficult to get working on them, I know. Here are two others where it is easier to enter and can also help others humanely.

Good luck and remember, as the Spanish proverb says,” which follows it, get it. ”