Create a personal website in less than 5 minutes

While it is true that most people use, in one form or another, some form of technology, whether using the Internet to find information, Twitter to know what your favorites or Facebook celebrities to keep in touch with family and friends, most use that technology to consume information, not to create it. When it comes to look for a job, the first thing we do is update the curriculum and create a cover letter, we ask any letter of recommendation and begin the search.

The downside is that creating a personal web page sounds complicated, and in many cases it is because we register a domain, pay for storage, know some html programanción or at least know how to defend in WordPress. But for what we need in a simple job search, we can choose a much simpler solution. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a professional online presence.

Before you dive deeper to create that personal web page, you need to collect all the necessary information

Once you collect all this information, go to the next step.

In order to create a pesonal web as simply and quickly as possible, go You have the option to create an account with your email or information by connecting your Twitter, Facebook or Google. Once you create your account, we move to the next step.

It includes your personal information: name. I recommend using your real name and surname, as this website the’ll use in professional environments.

Choose a picture of high quality. Think style or a passport photo or a photo of your personality stand out, as long as sufficient reflect professionalism that is needed to get a job in your industry.

It includes where you live. This information will be important because the person concerned will be fixed in your information if you live near where the employment is offered in question.

Select up to 5 of the activities that interest you.

On this page you should include or what you do or what you’d be doing. Choose carefully and are looking for work you must be related to what you’ve chosen.

Here you must decide what you want to do that visit your page. In our case, we will choose the option Hire Me (hire me) because it is exactly what we want.

The message simply tells us that you visit your page and want to contact me, you can do through your page.

Decide between 3 options available, the design you like.

You can choose the color of the action buttons.

Finally, you must choose the final address of your website. The option you get up is free of The others are paid, so I recommend for now, simply choose the free option.

After choosing the final direction of the page, specify your password so you can access your account and edit your site whenever you want. And that’s it. You have a personal, professional web presence. Simple, yes. But free and effective. A good first step. After you have created your page, you can add all the information you collected in the first step (the most relevant data of your career)

From the menu, you can access options to include your Bio, Education and modify any of the other options available.

Now, you can share that address in your profile on LinkedIn and other social networks.