Discover your purpose in life

I’ve seen enough Oprah Winfrey to know how important it is to identify your purpose in life and to help you meet your goals and achieve true happiness. Once you find this vocation, that passion in life your professional and personal goals intertwine to offer a life of purpose, and that is priceless.

Before you identify that perfect career is important to find the purpose of your life, which will contribute to the world through your gifts, which will make you really happy. In this article I will help you identify it. From there your career and your ideal life are just around the corner.

How to find the purpose of your life; The simplest answer was provided by Dr.Wayne Dyer, an author and lecturer motivation or “self-help”. In a film titled “The Shift” or “Change” he explains, “The real goal of life is to find happiness and get to a place where you’re not always trying to get somewhere else”.

That simple truth, basically, the purpose of your life is to be happy. But there are still so many who find great difficulty in identifying the purpose of your life or what really make you happy. If the answers do not come to you, go for them.

Listen to your inner voice will guide you to your answer; The answers are within you, but we must learn to listen. Your inner voice communicates with you constantly. Some call it instinct. When you’re happy and full of energy your body will communicate with a big smile or butterflies in your stomach. Your body is giving hints of what is your passion, your purpose. Need more help, you think about what you loved when you were 6, 7 or 8 years. What do you want to be when you grew up? Listen to that inner child, he or she is always looking for happiness.

Be alert to signs; Ideas come from many sources. You can be listening to the radio, watching a TV show or reading a magazine and suddenly you can have a moment “Ahaa” as Oprah Winfrey says. You can also be dreaming and a great idea may come to you in your dreams or that magical hour during the morning when you are alert and full of ideas and thoughts.

Nourish your mind, body and soul

See, read and listen programming, books or magazines that help you be more creative (o) and inspired (o). The new Oprah channel, OWN (English), its magazine and website can serve as an inspiration for us all. It is interesting that our novels but if you only see this type of programming have little time to read and / or watch the most inspiring messages.

It is also important to exercise. Not only it makes you look good physically, but it makes you happy. According to Dr. Samar Yorde endorphins are the hormones responsible for the happiness and joy states. By doing physical activity, the body secretes endorphins is, joy.

Seeks spiritual counselors; There are people, institutions and organizations dedicated to spirituality, peace and harmony. So look for some help. It could be as simple as reading great books of people of peace and love as Mother Teresa or Gandhi. You can talk to your priest, your minister or other “guru” spiritual. Anyone that you trust and admire.

6 exercises to achieve your purpose

Dr. Robert Holden, has a PhD degree (PhD) whose groundbreaking work on happiness and well-being has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America. I include six exercises taken from his article What do you do with your life? to help gain clarity about your purpose in life.

He explains that your purpose is not just about you, but involves your family, friends and ultimately all humanity. Knowing this helps you open yourself to the inspiration and help of others, of the divine, nature and life itself.

Do not complicate the process of finding your purpose. I include tips to help but there is no doubt that the answer is within you and you can find. Just listen to your heart and include spirituality in your life. So you will find true happiness and balance in your personal and professional life.