Do you hire the company always the ideal candidate?

This morning I took a coffee with a friend who works in a multinational renown. He is an engineer, very analytical, and boasts of lecture about the analytical capacity of the department, both in the development of strategies and practices recruitment. As head, enjoy the responsibility and the ability to hire dozens of people a year.

In the midst of our informal conversation, I interrupted to tell him of an acquaintance of mine who might be interested as an ideal candidate for their department, and who are always looking for employees with a high technological profile. He asked me where I worked that well-known and, as mentioned the name of the company, said, “working on that company in Silicon Valley? But if they will fatal, his reputation has declined in recent years, even rumors of a possible disintegration. And, this acquaintance of yours still works there? Well I do not care “.

I was perplexed. My friend, the engineer, super analytical, had just taken such an important decision as to discard a possible recruitment within 3 seconds without analyzing anything, just after hearing the name of the company where he works (by the way, that company , however badly it has gone lately, it is one of the best known in the world and one of the most successful, in general, over the last two decades).

And I wonder if the people who are supposed to be more analytical and rational are able to make such decisions in a matter of seconds, merely based on intuition, imagine how will the people who are not as analytical neither by nature nor by their professional training.

What often happens is that, with the optical illusion of the rational power that characterizes us humans, we are convinced that the decisions we make are always based on logic.

For example, suppose we buy something as significant as a car, one of the purchases, next to a house, carry more analysis and months of preparation. After those months of research, comparing brands, models, miles per gallon. stereo volume, angle of recline rear seat, payment terms … Suddenly, you look at your partner and feel that the decision is already taken. On paper, with the calculator, car B seems the logical choice. But you and your partner finally choose, against all odds, the car A.

Instead convinced that the B is superior in all analyzes have been performed, after choosing the A, start to streamline its decision, making up or siquieran factors had been considered important. Why did you choose that? Because so instinct he dictated.

The same is true when it comes to hiring employees, or when they give promotion to someone who, according to your logical and rational analysis, does not deserve it. Those people in a position to make hiring decisions “suffer” the same optical illusion, the illusion, that the couple chose the car.

So, next time you find yourself immersed in a hiring process, either as a contractor or as a candidate, pay attention to the elements that not only invoke our analytical part, but also the emotional, the part that, without thinking, reacts in those situations.

All these elements of the perception, as the way we dress, the way they talk, posture, hairstyle, walking, handshake, greeting … all those details that many consider only “details” actually convey important signals to our intuitive receivers, those we can not often explain in words.

Photo @ Fran Garcia / EyeEm