Do you remember when aprobabas without studying?

If you do your homework, you are more likely to succeed in the interview

“Ahhhh! Could I repeat the question? “One of the answers to many who have interviewed candidates often hear. In the vast majority of cases, the response is due to lack of preparation. If you know someone who has answered so you will have after your interview, the questions were very gimmicky or do not understand why they need someone as coach for that position.

What happens in many of the processes of recruitment is what usually happens in many classrooms in schools: an examination, say not very difficult, 20 percent of the class has been thoroughly prepared, 50 percent have done “something”, and 30 percent and opened the book. This does not mean that 20 percent of students have a special genetic, or that 20 percent below lacks the necessary intelligence to pass the exam.

In the hiring process, although there are no longer students but professionals are usually repeated percentages. Few candidates who invest long enough to investigate in detail the job advertisement, make sure that at least meets most requirements or find out how your skills fit into the plans of the company and its culture. Even find alumni or any other contact that can access the company or some of the employees responsible for hiring. While these few candidates spend dozens of hours reading, researching and analyzing the press releases and the website of the company, the other candidates send a general curriculum itself-sent to all companies and agencies-the same letter and they have not thought about developing a story about how fit within the organization. And sometimes, they spend the first cut filter, through to the round of interviews. During the interview, some relying on the brilliance of his any of the data on your resume or personal charisma, they spend answering all the questions as if it were an exercise in improvisation, without having prepared thoroughly awaited moment . And in those moments, almost always they tend to give in to the better prepared candidates.

Those candidates, as did those who were prepared for their exams, analyzed thoroughly each of the publications of the companies, detailed plans of it, thought of possible questions and developed a script, in story form, for those questions. Not only that but also they dared to take to the interview a sample of what they would do in the first 30 days of work if they were recruited, with a detailed plan and a professionalism that is obvious. An attitude that shows the interviewer that do not need or supervise me because, as give me the opportunity to start, and will start contributing to the team. I can not wait to start. I think this candidate, or may not have innate intelligence or natural charisma, in most cases, the cat will be water. Because a well-made preparation represents more than three-quarters of getting the job. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it.

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