Five steps to improve your chances in a job interview

When it comes to talking about job interviews, all of us fall nerves of fear, for everything is at stake. We invade doubts about the questions that make us, on how we react if we have to negotiate at the time, on our first impressions, etc.

There is no doubt that to successfully overcome any interview, the best advice is to be as prepared as possible. Being prepared involves not only having researched the company, having practiced the most common questions, but also by the attitude we should show at such an important time. The attitude is not only reflected in your body language or what you wear, but in your mindset during the interview.

To improve our attitude and get what we want-a long-awaited meeting deal- we can adapt certain strategies used by professional negotiators. These strategies can be summarized in five basic steps

Remember that the interviewer develops a hard and constricting work. You have to decide the most qualified candidate for that position. Not only you should not give any reason to remove you from the list ahead of time, but also must ensure that by the end of the interview is willing to make an offer at that very moment.

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