Focus on your strengths

Prepare a job interview means to prepare a comprehensive, personal analysis of your strengths and your weaknesses in order to anticipate any questions in the job interview. But at the same time to introduce as an ideal candidate, park weaknesses you discovered and only take them out if they ask for them directly, and always turned into strengths in power.

Focusing your energies on those strengths will make the story that presents the interviewer highlight the potential that can offer the company, either to increase their sales, their presence in other markets, reducing overhead or general optimization of operations everyday. To light your strengths, you will not spend energy covering your weaknesses, but adoptarása the strategy of “the best defense is a good offense.”

Even when asked directly by your weaknesses, you can present the strong face of the opposite.

In this way, the interviewer will begin to notice that as you have managed to overcome the obstacles presented these weaknesses, you Haccer the same in your work when unfavorable conditions for the growth of the same are presented, convincing him that any situation that arises is it can turn into opportunity.

If you notice that the interviewer is conservative people focus more on not losing than winning, let him see that not hire you can result in a missed opportunity for the company, either because a competitor can do with your services or because lack of staff with your features can result in a loss of benefits. If, however, you feel that the interviewer is of the type that the play, always looking at opportunities rather than the possibilities of loss, you’re in luck, because surely this strategy matches the same strategy used during the every day in their work.

The ability to paint any situation into something positive or weakness also allow you to overcome the obstacle if you do not get the job. Analyzing what happened during the search process as an opportunity will make you grow as a person and as a labor candidate in the near future, always rationally analyzing possible errors that have been committed on the road. But without falling into unnecessary losses or dramas, saving all that negative energy and catalizándola in a constructive way.

The next time you play you go to a job interview, you will feel twice as prepared, twice motivated, ready to face any kind of questions that make you, thinking only how to overcome obstacles and continue to grow. Only then you will achieve achieve your goals, either later or earlier, but always infecting your intelocutor positive way.

Good luck in your job search