Have you already created your website professional?

A personal website is one of the most effective tools in personal branding strategy, ie, in your professional internet promotion. Although’ve already created profiles on social networking, a customized Web page catalyzes all your professional information in one place. Imagine a recruiter seeking information about you, meets your Facebook profile, in the midst of personal photos, funny comments, videos of dancing cats, etc. Do you think professional? On the other hand, in networks such as LinkedIn, although professional, you have to fully adapt to its format and include professional information just the way it finds LinkedIn.

However, if you want to enjoy full control over content and appearance, the best option is still a personal web page. Even a page gives you a competitive advantage, since many candidates have decided only promoted with the information they have in their social networks.

To create a customized Web page, there are several items to consider: domain, hosting or storage, content, design, and promotion.

What is a domain? A domain is the unique address of each page on the Internet, as the physical address of your home. In the virtual world, for that unique address, you must register it with any of the services available on the network. Network Solutions, 1 & 1, GoDaddy or Google are some of the options available. When you register the domain, try to address corresponds to your name / surname or something similar. For example, it is better to register the domain www.josesalazar.com to register something like www.megustaelhelado.com. If your nombre.com already registered, they choose to combine surname, first name, initials. If el.com not available, you can utilizar.net, .name, o.info. The approximate annual cost: $ 9.99.

Once registered the page, you must choose where all that content will be stored. Just as you own a hard drive on your computer where they reside all your files and folders, you’ll need a place to store your page. In cases such as 1 & 1 or GoDaddy, these services allow you apart from registering the domain, store your pages. The approximate monthly cost ranges from $ 5 to over $ 60 per year. Apart from the companies mentioned, also include Fat Cow, Host Gator, and Host Monster.

You have already registered your domain and have a network space to store your website. It’s time to design the page and create content. There are two options: either create yourself or you pay a professional to you make it (for a single page costs may be around $ 500- $ 1,000). It is obvious that the page entrust a professional will be the most expensive option. Even if you have no experience creating pages, a professional will provide a more beneficial outcome.

If you choose to create your own page, you also have two options: use existing design template and fill it with your content or create your whole. If you decide to use a template, you can use available at 1 & 1, GoDaddy, or TemplateMonster. On the contrary, to create it all yourself, you must know how to use DreamWeaver (basic knowledge of HTML and CSS languages ​​programming), and PhotoShop (photo retouching).

When you create the navigation menu, try to include the following components: contact information, biography, resume, portfolio, blog (optional) and a picture. But before writing the content and even design your page, you must define the type of person you want to visit your page. Depending on where you look industry and the type of work that these companies employ recruiters, you will use design and content based on your audience. Do not write to you or your family and / or friends. He writes to the recruiter who found your website through the promotion you have done and that is in a position to grant a job interview.

How do I promote my site? When you have completed the process of creating and publishing, send the link of your page to your professional contacts. It would also be desirable to learn about SEO to promote it. Basically, SEO will ensure that you appear in search results on Google, Bing, and others. You may have the best designed and best content page but if relevant and influential people do not know how to find it, all this work will have been in vain.

Treat your personal website as your primary online identity. The virtual reflection of your person. Takes great detail every element of the creation process and the results will accompany you. If you do not think you can meet all the requirements, he abandons the idea of ​​creating the page. You should only publish your page if you feel really proud of her and reflects your true value. Luck.

For those who register domain option, buy a pack of hosting and designing them seem unnecessary, I recommend the option of creating something simpler in less than 5 minutes, and free, with About.me

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