Have you taken any of these courses?

When it comes to staying competitive in the labor market, where few jobs and feel “safe” or for life, no choice but to keep learning, acquiring new skills or updating already have.

From working as a clerk in a store until occupying an executive position, cook or cleaning staff, we must all accept the fact that learning does not end when we leave school or college. Especially at a time when more and used less fixed contract businesses, or jobs that last for decades, the trend is the increase in temporary jobs and freelancers competing for specific projects. When these projects appear on sites like Freelancer.com or Elance.com, we realize that the list of technical requirements continues to increase, not only in technology-related projects, as many may believe.

Therefore, it is imperative to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field of knowledge, either reading about the latest developments, experiencing or even taking formal courses.

Coursera is one of the platforms that offer courses in different branches, to stay updated. It is useful to take a look at the most popular courses on that platform, to realize the skills most required by businesses. As you can see in the list, six of the ten courses related to technology, while another have to do with finances, another with the ability to negotiate, another with learning, and the latter is related to such a personal topic like meditation. There is no doubt that if we were to choose a common theme among most of these courses emphasize the relationship that many of these courses saved with the increase of information so bestial that we are exposed to every day. Although this list you can target on current trends on some of the most sought after skills, your research on these should expand to other territories.

Another way to discover the areas in which we work is in job ads that interest you; in them, you will find the skills that you should focus. Although not necessary to get frustrated if you find that the number of technical skills continually increases, as companies sometimes include more requirements that actually are willing to accept.

Here is the list of the most popular courses on Coursera

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