How do I find work

Spend the world by a situation of genuine seizure. Meanwhile, in many parts of the world, unemployment rates grow and grow, idleness increases and people are left without resources, not only economic, but without the ability to create, to motivate, to get ahead.

Well, let’s try to help a little. There is no doubt that what is happening beyond comparisons, is huge, but we must isolate ourselves from all that. However much it costs, we must strive to raise his head and look towards our goal.

SWOT analysis

If we are unemployed, we must focus our attention initially know what we want to work, and we must recognize ourselves, knowing what we are good. What we can differentiate from others. Once obtained this information, which does not come by infused science, we must make a SWOT (SWOT) analysis. analyze our

Your favorite businesses

Once this is done, we will focus on the environment in which we want to find a job. And analyze those companies in which we enter. To do this, you have to move, you must visit these companies (either as customers, as observers, etc.). Know and recognize all that provide us information about the company and its directors. Many are wrong to understand that looking for work means send resume by mail, if we are something “clever” and think a little, if we put ourselves in the shoes of the manager or entrepreneur, what we most like to meet a person who knows our company, who knows what we sell or serve, you know what we do, who we are, and are dying to get into our company. Well, that’s what we get. And for that, we need data.

Do you remember how when we were kids, we got what we wanted?

Let us not be carried away by negativity, thinking that “maybe the company does not need employees,” or any other mental justification that we produce fear or worthlessness. Believe me, they are the companies themselves tell us what your situation is. If anything has taught me life is to be CONSISTENT, who is constant, just getting the goal. As I said before, if we create strategy, we can achieve better results. As we did when we were kids and we planned how to get from our parents what we wanted.

Show yourself interested, desperate

With all that information from different companies that want to enter we must configure the technique to find that job. We often have the option to “approach” to the environment of the person who decides: entrepreneur, manager of human resources, secretaries-not know how much influence the secretaries in making decisions about people … Such an environment can be the bar where breakfast , where sports practice, etc. Well, we must approach, have the impudence to present, not to say I want a job, but to tell INTERESTED KNOW because I KNOW YOUR COMPANY and would like to know more about you and your work, I aspire someday to be part of the VITAL project your company.

Woos company

Corny as it sounds, believe me it works. We all like to feel admired, and that is the reality. And see how someone cares about us, and shows “selflessly start” the possibility of accompanying the company said is something that takes effect in a high percentage of times. From there, we have to be clear is how much is the effort we want to do.

There are people who have spent months and months without getting unemployed hardly any income, well, I propose that time it bear fruit, risking link up companies to success. That is, many know that they will not find work fast, perhaps tarden months, then take some of that time to devote to the strategy linked to those companies in which we work because we like and admire, and traslademos the employer to we want to risk, to try us, we are so confident of doing well that will eventually hire them.

I know many are thinking that there is much advantage, but it depends on us and our ability to persuade and professionalism that get or not the goal. An advantage businessman smells away. Let us risk.

Take a risk a little

Another option is the following. All insist on doing the same curriculum, with the same format. Let us be more creative, if we know enterprise data can be more original, we have to find the difference, call attention to the thousands of resume that companies receive. There are a thousand ways to make a resume and get noticed, not necessarily must leave at reception, we can also invest money and send it by courier directly to the people to decide. Put a striking, emotional and passionate, compelling presentation.

Go to the street

And finally, another option is the socializing of effective and affective way. When we are in a situation of unemployment, as usual bogged down in his house, leaving little (because economically we can also not overdoing it), but that does not help to find work. We must invest to reap success, but it is also true that we must know how to do it.

There are places in the region where you know you are entrepreneurs and business managers: Salas art, cafes, etc. Well you should be in those places, make it a little simple business card, but attractive, and start breaking ice and leave presenting to people. No doubt relationship marketing is the most effective tool available for ANYTHING.

If we take advantage of the synergies of our environment, the relationships we have and the relationships of the relationships we have and show interest, desire and action, we will awaken needs and offers appear.

It always happens that it is easier to find work when you are working than when not. Why? It happens that many times, people do not have work lose self-esteem. They note desperate presented as someone with the potential to employ them. Do not let the lack of work makes you believe you’re worth less. Let persuasive … let’s intelligent … and whenever to add and multiply us and who around us, do whatever is necessary.

Find work and training should be a goal. Work it.

Photo @ Tim Robberts