How I could work from home, speaking Spanish, and earn money?

There are already some online empesas offering services for pesonas who want to practice English, these companies hire qualified people to carry on a conversation, and you get paid for virtual sessions. But, however, there are many services that advertise to converse in Spanish.

If you think your Spanish is good, in vocabulary and pronunciation: -ie, talk to property and well-vocalizing you could use that skill to help hundreds of students of our language.

But who will pay me to talk?

One of the most important facets to learn a language is the ability to practice with native people. In schools, teachers of Spanish barely have enough time to cover the Spanish spelling and grammatical concepts, leaving them little time to practice conversations. In addition, many students per classroom, just have a few little minutes to devote to each student.

To help these students to practice the language they have learned in school, you could become his virtual tutor Spanish.

What I need to teach virtually

There are several technical requirements, apart from the virtue of patience, skill essential for anyone involved in teaching. To offer your virtual conversations, you must have

How do I get my first customer

Once you meet the technical requirements for organizing your sessions, it is time to jump to captivate the customer first. To get your first customer, you could go to several of the schools where they teach Spanish and speak with teachers. Or you could even find out their email addresses and send them an email. Although the option to speak to them in person it seems better. Once you know the teacher, you will feel more comfortable talking about your services to parents of their students. You can also create your own page on Facebook, announce to your friends that you offer virtual conversations in Spanish and ask them to spread the word.

How would charge them

That will depend on the area where you live, the economic possibilities of your customers, your financial need and what you think your time is worth. Basic prices for these services in English, ranging between $ 10 and $ 20 per hour. Before agreeing the price, it would be good to establish a good level of trust with the customer, either through email, social networks, phone call or visit in person.

Besides Spanish students, who else would hire me?

May exist in your area companies doing business in Latin America, with executives who would like to practice Spanish before traveling. Visit any of these companies and explain what you offer. some of these executives may decide to hire these services to practice their Spanish.

But I need credentials, books or other materials …

Technically, no. As you offer is simply the ability to converse in Spanish, and not a diploma or any title, all you have to prepare are topics of conversation. For example, “today we will review vocabulary and useful phrases to your arrival at the airport.” Besides, you could have a list of online videos to recommend to your customers. Thus, they would practice listening to the language while they are not in their Spanish classes online or chatting with you.

Perhaps it will also go on this adventure let up even looking for work. Or maybe not. But if you like our language, you speak well, you have a lot of patience and ability to communicate, worth a try. Good luck.

P.S. If you decide to dare with the talks, but in English, and do not want to do it on your own, you can try with the company