How to distribute your resume?

Sometimes job candidates make the same mistake that many engineers in Silicon Valley, which are believed to create a program or a brilliant product, people will buy it, simply by how good it is. But they forget that, even with the most brilliant designs, the distribution of that product or service is as important as creation.

Similarly, many candidates believe that, simply because possess certain skills, companies should fight to get their services. And they also forget the role of distribution. Basically, we need to extend our services to the customer or buyer. In other words, we need to sell, or at least expose our abilities for others to discover. It is not “sold” in the bad sense of the word, something that many associate the typical used car salesman, harassing a partner to buy a car at that moment, blowing smoke or even lying if necessary, but create visibility.

The distribution is to know the different routes available to us to get to the contracting companies. Did you know that, for example, 97 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates for vacant positions? When was the last time you updated your profile on that network? What you have LinkedIn profile? And how will you find then that 97 percent of recruiters looking for candidates to fill vacancies?

The days when you could get a resume to the door of the company, leaving it to the secretary and wait for you to call the next day are over. Today, the appearing at the gates of a company is not feasible to get a job. Although somehow we have to get to the door of those who make hiring decisions, physical methods have given way to the virtual.

The first thing to do is analyze the companies that are trying to reach. Study your online presence in different channels (website, social networks, etc.) to discover which use more frequently. Most companies spend part of your website to the Careers section, which advertise available jobs. Other committed to connect with prospective employees on Twitter or even Facebook. Finally, many continue delegating functions that analyze hiring recruiters profiles of candidates on LinkedIn. Without a detailed analysis of these distribution channels, all you will be doing will grope, tucking resume after resume dark, like black holes places, becoming one of those thousands of invisible candidates.

Once you have finalized the best distribution channels to distribute your product, resume, need to adjust the format to become more attractive, less invisible candidate. Study the language that these companies use in their ads work. Make a study of keywords, using as sources of information not only job postings, but all content that the company publishes on its website and social networks. From this analysis you can extract the type of candidate they seek, the personal and professional characteristics that fit, and even determine if your corporate culture corresponds with your values ​​and goals. Only in this way, you can bring visibility to your application and get through the first filter in achieving that job you want.

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