How to get a job in what truly your passion

Many readers have asked me how, if they discover a passion, such as computer programming or digital marketing campaigns can make the leap from hobby to work full time, when perhaps have not yet managed to reach the level of skill that required to get to compete with other candidates.

The first thing to think about is getting enough money to survive while looking for that ideal job. That is because it would be hard enough trying to improve a skill like programming while looking for a job in that field to achieve pay the bills. This physical and mental exhaustion, the stress of learning while working on a job for which we are not yet, can cause more harm than good. Therefore, it is preferable in these cases, try to find a part time job that allows you to pay cuentras, while allowing you to develop your skills to achieve qualify for a job in what you are really passionate about.

Look for jobs that somehow relate to what you want, but do not require many skills. For example, if what you really want is to organize digital marketing campaigns, you can find a part-time job in which you can do data entry by simply filling Excel with the results of digital campaigns, without having to design them yet. Or if you are passionate about programming, you can start the same way. The important thing in these cases is free from the pressure of having to keep you and your family with a job that really are not prepared.

Now that you’ve accomplished that part-time work, it’s time to get to improve those skills to get to get a job in your field, and for which’re really prepared. Will suffer as a work above your level, you have free time you can use to learn what really give the final leap to the profession you want. In order to reach that level, it would be ideal’ll review some of the work advertisements that appeal to you to discover the skills that really demand in the labor market, in addition to cement the knowledge needed to learn new things. Many times we focus on learning the latest, newest, companies seek, but we forget that these skills need some basic blocks; without them, you learn new will cost much more to understand and apply.

In short, to get a job in what you are really passionate about, if you have not yet reached a level of knowledge and practice necessary, you should choose to get a job part time at something less complicated, you input the peace of mind to face the invoices and bills to pay each month, but also also gives you the freedom and time required to continue growing professionally, preparing to take the great leap in your career. Without the latter, you can never really work on what you are really passionate, if not yet possess the necessary skills.