How to get LinkedIn recommendations?

How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn?

You do not receive any offer or call through your LinkedIn profile? Analyze your profile and you realize you have a large number of contacts, a description of your skills and comprehensive experience. But something is missing: you have no recommendation.

Do you really serve the recommendations LinkedIn?

When you decide that you’re going to cinemas, ask your friends about movies in theaters, when you buy something on Amazon, read the opinions of those who have already purchased the item, when you are looking for a book to read, I called attention to the list of the best sellers. This is what sociologists call “social proof”. The same is true on LinkedIn. If a recruiter, using keywords, comes to your resume and at the same time to another candidate with similar credentials, review the recommendations of each to make a quick decision. Moreover, some recruiters say what I have spoken I do not pay attention to profiles without recommendations.

How many recommendations recommend?

There is no magic number, or minimum established. But chooses to collect 10 recommendations and a minimum of 4. Many recruiters confess not consider any candidate with less than ten recommendations LinkedIn. While opinion varies among professionals, there is consensus on the need to include in your profile.

Who should I ask them?

Anyone with which you have maintained a professional relationship, short or long term. Start by drawing up a list of former bosses, co-workers, customers, suppliers, etc. Reduce the list, eliminating people with whom you have not had any treatment in the past two years. In the end, the list will consist of 10 to 15 professionals. If you choose to include family and friends, make sure you keep it professional at all times. Recommendations that sound like you’re the best and greatest of the world … are ignored.

How did I ask?

Call your old boss and ask him to write you a letter of recommendation; spend three months and do not receive anything, and you end up forgetting about it. What happened? First, maybe your boss has nothing good to say about you and prefers to ignore your request, and second, your boss walks so busy he could not sit down to write; or, third, and most likely, but would write that recommendation, not know where to start.

Make this easy …

A lot of people struggle to cope with a sheet (screen) blank. How do I start, where to start, what format I use, what I say … The truth is I start writing a letter of recommendation is not easy and less when you see it as a favor. Rather than simply ask your former employer to write you a letter of recommendation, you send a template containing a minimum of information. For example, a typical recommendation includes the following sections LinkedIn

In this way, your boss only modifies the parts you do not like the letter. You’ve saved the bitter swill of sitting in front of the computer with a blank screen, no idea what I would write. So much easier.

Apart from the above example, how I ask you to write me a recommendation?

The example or template of the previous paragraph must be accompanied by a brief note specifying what you ask. Write a simple email that includes a greeting, a detail about the time they worked together, the petition and thanksgiving.

What other ways are there for recommendations?

Undoubtedly, reciprocity is another valid option: write a recommendation for a former co-worker (without you having asked) and perhaps return the favor. In any case, you should you feel compelled to write a recommendation if you do not really have anything nice and professional to contribute.

And those endorsements that have appeared on LinkedIn are not enough?

In my opinion, the value of an endorsement is not compared with a recommendation. The endorsements are like the likes of Facebook: easy and very convenient. They do not bring true value. To write a real recommendation, a more intimate relationship and professional skills of a candidate knowledge is required.

Traps, tricks and lies

I thought you’d never ask. Yes, you can make traps and buy online recommendations, as followers of Twitter and opinions on Amazon are purchased. Yes, there are also those who, somehow, are able to get dozens of recommendations when their professional quality does not reflect nothing is said in writing. And yes, this devalues ​​the process a little. But still recruiters rely on the honesty of most candidates. Do not be tempted to take any of these shortcuts, your reputation, in this hyper-connected world, it will collapse in a matter of seconds.

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