How to reduce stress before the interview

In the days before a job interview, nerves are accelerated. Just thinking that we played our professional future in a session that will last maybe 15 minutes, makes us so nervous that his hands sweat constantly. The typical fatherly advice invades our heads, “quiet, nothing happens”, or “do not think about that.”

How not to think of that? If I can not think of anything else. Just the fact of trying not to think of something makes one hundred fold increase in the head, as the famous psychology experiment in which you are asked to not think about the polar bear. Do not think about the polar bear. Do not do it. You did it because you can not get out of my head. When these tips do not work, we call the friends to tell them what is happening and what you think just talking about? In the job interview. As you can see, the mere fact of trying to eliminate it does not work.

But what is the alternative? If you are looking for the solution in the form of pills, the situation may get even worse, because if it is the first time you take tranquilizers to a high stress situation, may your main focus is in the same pills and not the subject of conversation, causing such relaxation forget why your presence to the interviewer.

One of the alternatives that we have explored in the past has been to change the posture, adopting a more confident position that reduces stress while increase the self confidence. And works. But apart from this technique, we can also take advantage of the power of something as simple as breathing.

Breathing, one of the simplest functions, and complex at the same time, we do all the time you can give us the key to relaxation before as stressful as the job interview event. However, the normal breathing exercise at all times is not enough; we must use a deeper breath, a breath we have practiced before reaching that point. When faced with that moment of high stress, our brain is put into fight or flight or what some psychologists call the acute stress response, that is, our instincts make our sweating palms, our vision approach, we tighten the teeth and breathe an intense, almost uncontrollably. Think about the last time you really got angry, close your eyes and visualize that time. Do you feel the intensity of the moment? Already. The way we can avoid that feeling seizes us, to the point of losing control is through breathing.

People who meditate without getting into spiritual matters, are able to use the breath to get out of that moment of high tension more easily. They are also able to cope with everyday stress more effectively. But, of course, this practice involves years of practice and learning, we can not fool, thinking that just with a few times to practice, get to that level of inner peace that they get some. But, what we can say is that with some simple exercises initiation can achieve some immediate results. Therefore, I recommend the following exercise to begin, slowly, to relax a little mind to stress events, such as job interview.

First, find a quiet place where nobody bothers you for a couple of minutes. I know that if you have a family at home, is almost impossible to find that hollow space and time, but try to do it, maybe getting up a little earlier than the others in the morning. Sitting on the floor, put a timer for 3 minutes, during which time, all you’ll do is this: Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds -Account mentally, then hold your breath for 4 seconds, then exhale , also nose for 4 seconds and hold your breath for 4 seconds. The exercise can be done with eyes open or closed, with or without background music if you choose music that is very relaxing. As you inhale you should feel taut stomach and the back of the chest rises.

This is a very simple exercise you can do in the mornings, it serves to clarify the thoughts, the mind simply focusing on your breathing. For before the interview, it is very effective if you practice a few minutes before entering. Who could think simply breathing we could help so much stress situations? Take a deep breath. Good luck with the interview.


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