How to relieve anxiety before a job interview

There is no doubt that the job interview in one of those stressful times when you prefer not to think. Nerves seem to attack in the worst moments, we sweat to the ears and the words seem to not want to leave, tangling with each other. Physiologically, stress-hormone cortisol -the rises, affecting both our bodies, we felt like we were in a dead end.

But not everything is negative. These nerves, so treacherous for many, can be channeled to create a positive energy that affects our way of beneficial job interview. Have you noticed those athletes, at times of high stress, which seem to be nervous? Well they are, believe it or not. The difference between them and the rest of us is that they have learned to control that energy that invades. They have learned based practices, workouts that simulate high pressure circumstances, making the body somehow get used to dealing with those nerves.

What can you do? For starters, you can ask other friends of friends, people you do not know, they feel while you perform a similar presentation to a job interview. For the occasion, prepare a script with what you say, get dressed like the day of the interview and go to a place where you do not feel so comfortable-Library, coffee, or a square. Repeat this drill for several sessions, until you get used to feel that inner tingle. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

Another practice that helps with nerves, lack of confidence, and the stress of the day of the job interview is what the expert Amy Cuddy considered the power of body language. In their experiments, the Harvard psychology professor, found that the positions we take affect stress levels. In the same experiments, he asked participants to raise their arms in victory, which occupy more space opening her legs, chest to take out, ie, to take superhero pose. Their findings concluded that indeed these poses succeeded affect levels of cortisol and testosterone. Cortisol, the stress hormone, fell significantly, while testosterone-related confidence increased. The conclusion is clear: with a simple exercise in two minutes, one person can affect you positively.

What can you do? Before the interview, you can go to the toilet or bathroom, stretch your arms, taking victory pose, to give you energy.

The last exercise recommended to eliminate that anxiety before stressful situations like the day of the job interview is to write on paper, for ten minutes, all the things that concern you about the interview. Just download that weight on paper could ease concerns can help us reduce anxiety.

What can you do? In a paper, write for ten minutes, things that concern you about the interview. For example, annotations like “I do not know what to answer when they ask me about my weaknesses”, “what should I answer if you ask me about my past work?”, “What to wear on such an important day?” This exercise not only you can help alleviate your anxiety, but also will help to resolve some problems before the big day.

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