How to stand out of the group of candidates

In a world where there was globalization, at a time where it is competing for employment at a local level, job opportunities seemed more abundant. With show up at the door of a workshop or knock on the door of a company just created was enough to hire you. Even during the beginning of last century, at the entrance of the Industrial Revolution, when jobs were standardized to the point that employees learned a few tasks and were useful, get a job seemed much easier.

But everything has changed, at least in the workplace. Now the competition is global, cheap and affects almost all industries. With the coming of the information age, which create a company is as simple as creating a website and start selling, the era of ultra competititvad work has begun.

Now companies do not hire fixed unless strictly necessary personnel, non-critical jobs can be assigned to people who do part-time, without job guarantees or insured pension plans or lifetime employment.

It’s time to create a personal marketing plan as if it were a business, establish marketing plans to distinguish ourselves from the competition, to illustrate our competitive advantage over others in order to get jobs. It is not unusual either, with this kind of job, having to work with several companies to get enough money to pay the bills. Many millennials I know, with university degrees and even graduate degrees, are forced, by their student debt and low wages, work on a bank day analyzing financial and bartender at night information, meeting the needs of other coworkers .

As we prepare to apply for a job, preparing our resume, cover letter and job interview is not enough in many cases to present our potential or past achievements. It is necessary to develop a personal history subject in which the company displayed the way in which our skills and our attitude fit perfectly with the corporate culture of a company. Nor enough to simply teach a curriculum, because these same corporations demand an extensive online presence, personal websites, professional profiles on LinkedIn, views on Twitter, Instagram photos and personal circles of influence in Facebook. So it is critical to draw attention at all costs, provided that attention be positive data on our person.

All that online presence generates a barrage of information that will be analyzed by the human resources staff to determine your reputation, your potential and personality that fit within the company. If the corporation has certain values, seek information confirming that perfect match. In fact, the main recommendation to find a job you like is to draw up a list of companies and jobs that would like to participate, since it will not be enough to present a diploma, but a story aligned perfectly with history your future employer. If you do not fit with any, you will be forced to create your own job.

Photo @ Westend61