I want to take a chance this time

At the time we live in, immersed in hundreds of thousands of daily messages through media, mobile, social networks, etc. advice float like plastic in the ocean, polluting our minds without contributing anything of value.

I do not mean that no useful and valuable information is in any of these media, but after reading most of the articles that have been written about finding work these last few months, I can assure you that the information can be summarized in just under a conversation a minute. When I refer to job search, I talk about the advice given to a job seeker, at the time when they are most needed.

When we lose employment, which usually is to find the fastest way to get a new one, sometimes we go to a government office to assist us in the process, sometimes, contacted relatives and friends to inform them of our new situation .

We started our adventure scouting information. At the top we find items that appear to have the keys to help, offering advice or tips for job interview, to write the letter and to our curriculum. On the second page I find the tips focus on what is called networking, ie, establish a professional network, we realize that we must go to certain events in our industry to meet people, exchange business cards, for later contact them for references employment or opportunities you know. After 6 hours reading over 120 websites, in which the advice is repeated again and again, I realize that almost everything I’ve found is related to the tactics you use, but can not find information on how to prepare a personal strategy for the new job search.

After losing a job, our first instinct is to find something fast, probably in the same industry where we work, doing the same things we have done in recent years. Without many changes. But few stop to think of a strategy to clarify the objectives of your search, with questions like, really want to continue in the same line of work? What would be the summary of my experience in recent years in this company? Do I want to continue working in a company with similar characteristics or rather change of culture? What I have learned in recent years? What need, in matters of skills, certificates, to advance to a higher position? What are my current fears about my work situation? This type of employment, has given me more than money? Had chances of getting a job with similar benefits that would give me a little more on professional and personal issues? What mistakes committed in this last job? What could you do to try to prevent reoccur in the future?

Before sitting down to investigate what speed are all tactics to employ the latest technology to send curriculum, lists of frequently asked questions in the job interview, examples of letter … we can build on that initial time a little rethink our professional lives. One of the worst mistakes that can fall is to follow the inertia, the instinct to maintain that continuous movement that does not change anything, retaining what you have. It seems as if an inner voice always stop us, advising us find the safest way, the most conservative. But occasionally, we can answer that voice with a “I want to take a chance this time.”

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