international jobs

The possibility of working in another country is not in everyone’s mind but there are those who are open to that possibility. Some people choose this option for personal reasons (return to the place of origin or birth), professional issues (certain industries are concentrated abroad), or out of sheer curiosity to see new horizons.

One of the most obvious obstacles that separates us from a job abroad is the language. If you are lucky enough to speak the same language spoken in the host country, you will have a clear advantage over other candidates. If you are reading this article, you’re probably bilingual and that opens the doors to work throughout Latin America (except Brazil) and Spain. Apart from the language there are many other cultural issues that can be difficult to overcome: religion, food, perception of time, and many others. To discover the basics about a specific country, visit the CIA Factbook.

Apart from the language and culture in general, the process of applying for work becomes something entirely new. Other countries do not have the restrictions we have in the United States on the documents to be sent. For example, in many places the use resume instead of a resume is required. Also, usually they ask for personal information such as date of birth, nationality, place of birth, and even personal photographs.

Another essential when looking for work in a foreign country document: the visa. My recommendation would be to approach the consulate or embassy of the country that fits you closer to anchor information on obtaining a work visa. On this page you can find official list of all consulates and embassies in American territory.

When starting the application process, considers the cultural differences, the required documents, and recalls the time change. When you communicate by phone or email, always keep in mind the time difference. For email, it may be unprofessional you are greeting with a “good morning” when the receiver of the email is about to leave the office at 8 pm. Much more important is to consider the time difference if the communication is done by phone.

This list contains some essential pages where you can not only find listings of international work but also useful information for the process going to start

volunteer work as first paso.- may ever have thought about the possibility of working abroad but fear and doubts invade you. Is there any way to test without having to compromise? Yes, looking for a volunteer job for a couple of weeks in the country you have in mind.

If luckily you still find yourself in college, he opts for an exchange program. Organizations such as BUNA ( or International Educational Exchange ( can help you find work in a foreign country. As well as volunteer work, completing a period of exchange will provide sufficient information to make a more rational decision on the affinity between you and your destination.

Although everything related to work abroad in this article as sound barriers and potential risks, the fact is that the rewards can also be immense. You have the chance to learn a new language, experience a new culture, and meet very different people. Definitely an option worth studying. Luck.

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