Interview questions about your abilities

Questions about your skills are one of the most common in any job interview. In fact, many of the interviewers focus on finding out how you, the job candidate with your abilities and skills can benefit the company. To answer, we must mix the confidence to “sell” with enough humility to not be too arrogant.

What relevant experience do you have for this job? You have to prove preparation to answer this kind of question. The important thing is to connect the details of the job ad with your work experience. Few your most widely used, the better details. And do not try to exaggerate (or lie) about your experience as easy to call one of your references to corroborate data.

How would you describe yourself? Although it is an obvious and easy question to answer, actually it is not. If you have not stopped to think about this question before, you aparentarás be unprepared for the tasks required employment.

How would you describe your work style? This question seeks to discover whether you are slow at work, too fast, or if you keep a constant speed in your work. Not always the fastest will get the job. Many employers prefer candidates who work at a constant speed and meet dates of projects. Prepares a little about your ability to manage your time and how you do to take several projects simultaneously.

How do you get on with the job stress? Stress has become a part of each job and interviewers want to know how you handle stress professionally. Before the interview, make a self-analysis to determine your reactions to stress. There are many answers you can give. Some positives include: “I perform well in stressful situations and use that energy to raise my results.” Another answer might be “normally accumulated stress during the work day but burn everything in the gym at night to get back to work fresh the next morning.” Whatever the answer, try to include a specific example of how you handled stress in the past.

What motivates you? Definitely, there is no simple answer to this question. But you must be prepared to answer it. You can emphasize your motivations and specific examples. Many people are simply motivated by money, others for a positive work environment, and others for the chance to learn new things. Be honest and specific in your answer.

What kind of work environment do you prefer? The interviewer will try to discover whether there is a connection between your style and the workplace. If your ideal atmosphere is relaxed with the freedom of a flexible schedule, it has that style in a positive way with a focus on increasing productivity. Unless you intend to radically change your style, it would be a good idea to find out if there really that connection between your style and the company before starting work. Sample answer: “.. I better unwrap a rigid environment with established schedules and with well established goals My style of work is organized, thorough, and detailed I like to have everything well planned.”

What are your passions? Be prepared to share some of your passions. You do not have to go into very personal passions but you can find that can be translated into professional situations. For example:. “I am passionate about helping others On Saturday morning I usually volunteer with a group that helps disadvantaged people in our community I think this work also has a component of helping others Thanks to services.. this company provides, many people ….. “.

How you can contribute to this company? The company has some ideas about what the candidate has to provide (specified in the job announcement) and you may have some other ideas on how to contribute to the company. This is the time to present some of your ideas to demonstrate not only your skills but also interest on the future of the company.

Why do you want to work here? I honestly find something positive about the work that makes it attractive. Try to look beyond the salary.

What challenges do you like to find a job? All work presents challenges. Some more bearable than others. In any case, motivated people often find these challenges as extra motivation. What challenges motivate you more to you? Present them in a positive way for the company to have a better idea of ​​your lace at work.

Why are you the ideal candidate for this job? Here you have to sell as the best “product”. The company received a thousand resumes for the position and you are among the three finalists. Do not underestimate presents and honestly why you think you are the ideal candidate. Uniting the job ad with your specific skills will increase your chances to become the ideal candidate.

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