Interview questions and how to answer

Your interview approaches and nerves and anxieties you have invaded. It is one of the most stressful times in our careers. The best way to combat stress and reduce uncertainty in these cases, do homework and be as prepared as possible, but can never be pregnant at all. This list of frequently asked questions and sample answers will help you stay one step closer to a successful interview.

Tell me about yourself, is probably the most common to begin the interview icebreaker question. It should be answered with a summary of your qualities and then make a whirlwind tour for your professional life (no need to itemize nothing personal).

Example: After getting my degree at the University x, I started working on x where I performed the following tasks. In these years I have learned to x and I managed to get some of my initial goals as …

If you call one of your former coworkers, how would you describe it? The interviewer intended to reveal some of the qualities that other people see in you. Maybe even ask you if you’d give permission to call one of those peers to see how you react.

Example: sure any of my colleagues would say that I am a dynamic person and I work very well together. I’d have no problem to call any of them right now.

What is your weakest point? This question is always difficult to answer. If you say you do not have one, or you’re lying or do not know you well enough. Another option would be to list all the defects that come to mind. To find a happy medium, you should focus on weaknesses that may arise positively.

Example: The truth is that I have the defect of being very thorough and sometimes I lose the overview of the project. Although it is actually something that I’m working, and I have done several courses ADDITIONAL TO strategy that helped me to have a broader view.

What is your strongest point? This is your chance to shine. Without being pretentious, presented in an orderly fashion highlights your skills (and if also the associate with what the new job requires, so much the better)

Example: My ability to work in teams and my creativity are my most prominent features. They are qualities that would fit perfectly in this job.

What you function better work environment? The question is designed to see if your profile corresponds to the culture of the company. If you’re someone who likes to work flexible hours, take the dog to work, and putting the music loud, maybe not going to get work in a conservative and strict environment. Your answer has to be honest and to work in an opposite environment what you like can be negative for both parties.

Example: My ideal trabajosería one where cooperation and foster creativity environment. I like to work in a relaxed atmosphere and flexibility of schedule is a plus.

How do you manage to stay organized? Many jobs require you to be able to organize your time and your projects without much supervision.

Example: To stay organized I use a digital agenda that I have in sync with my phone. I also use a special program of Project Management that helps me to control every phase of my projects.

Tell me about a time you did more than was expected of you, it is one of those questions that will make you to see if they could count on you sometimes where resources are exhausted and people who can volunteer volunteer for tasks needed not they were previously specified.

Example: Last year we had an advertising campaign in which the agency had hired gave us a job that was not satisfactory. There were few days to start the campaign and no time to redo it or hire a new agency, so I volunteered to improve the work. Although I hardly slept in those two nights, the campaign was a success and we managed to increase our sales by 20 percent.

What was your biggest obstacle in your previous job and how you get over it? Questions like these that make you recall specific situations are increasingly common in job interviews.

Example: One of my main clients canceled the account I had with me without any explanation. That has accounted for 40 percent of company profits and caused me immense stress. For two months, my commission was minimized and the boss looked at the option of saying goodbye. With hard work and effort, I managed to capture several clients after several months managed to supplement the loss of benefits.

What makes you unique to get this job? This is a question that your ability to connect your qualities with the job requirements could grant the position. Keep a positive attitude and do not talk negatively about the other contenders for the post.

Example: I know there are several candidates for this position, but I think I am the ideal candidate for my experience in this industry, my ability to work in teams, and the positive attitude that I have shown throughout my career. This company needs someone who display these qualities to compete with the company x.

Where you once in 5 years? The purpose is to know what level of commitment you have with the company because much money can be spent on train and do not want to lose you after a couple of months. Try to be as realistic and specific as possible.

Example: In 5 years I would like to become one of the most productive employees in this company and perhaps in a position of greater responsibility. I see myself occupying the position of executive director of the department x.

Do you have any questions for me? Finally, it was your chance to ask questions. It would be inappropriate to jump directly to “how much I get paid?” Learn how is the culture of the company or what the expectations once you have hired.

Example: How is the working environment here? What are the goals for this position? Are there opportunities for promotion within the company? Is education is encouraged to continue learning about our industry? How long trains newly hired?