It shows what’s inside

In the commercial for Heineken Champions League, candidates are subjected to very rare interviews, with tests ranging from help someone in distress to answer questions from the craziest. The announcement is fun, funny, entertaining but does not stop there.

I grasp the message of this ad is the need by job applicants to prove they really want the position, which carry within an unleashed passion that can benefit the company. Not enough studied the company where you are going to interview, not even memorize 50 common questions in any job interview. What will set you apart in the last phase of interviews is what actually take in, your essence.

For some jobs, all incidentally, companies sometimes seek only to fill staff capable of committing some basic tasks, paid in a way … basic too.

For those candidates who interviewed for Heineken for a job related to football, and the Champions League more specifically, not only a candidate who meets the minimum requirements called for in the announcement was sought, but a candidate who demonstrated in intuitively passion for the sport, for the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat this entails, such as fair play or the inner fire. For that more is required than a simple preparation, a good resume or good presentation, elements that allow you to pass the first filter selection, but a freedom to really express what you have inside, regardless of embarrassments or penalties on you can expose you.

In the research of Dr. Brenee Brown, a researcher at the subject and professor at the University of Houston, the positive qualities of people who leave their exposed vulnerability, contradicting many of the prejudices on the subject they are highlighted. Typically, vulnerability is associated with negative qualities of a person, such as fear, insecurity and lack of confidence. All these qualities could associate an interviewer and weaknesses of a candidate, reducing the chances of getting employment. However, Dr. Brown notes that show our vulnerable side is associated with positive qualities such as innovation, creativity, adaptability and even vision.

If we we stopped out, instead of protecting our thoughts and feelings under iron armor, without letting anyone know what I thought Italy or what we feel, occasionally, by that fire, would let the essence of our being come to the surface, showing our real sides and not cultivated continuously hide based image. So, next time you apply for a job and you fail, ask yourself if you’re hiding under all these common rules do not let the real you come to light.

Photo @ Ryoko Sayoku