Job interviews or play script

You dressed like a professional this morning before leaving home. It’s your big day. The interview for the job you have to get so eager. Get to your appointment early, wait in the lobby, they call you, the interviewer greets you, you sit and start the game …

” What are your skills? “asks you. You who have tested all the answers you get on with ease. So come all the expected questions with answers. What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? … In the “game” of the interviews, most candidates know (through pages like this one) are the most common questions in each industry are. To do this, they prepare thoroughly and respond almost like actors in a well rehearsed dialogue. And so goes the game until the final handshake and goodbye. But what really has come to you to really know the interviewer?

Probably not. You have heard reciting rehearsed answers, with a coldness almost robotic.

“From 1 to 10, what level of rarity think you have? 1 means normal Super 10 you consider different? “I guess you were left open-mouthed, but this question has used the CEO of Zappos -the virtually shoemaking, Tony Hsieh. Why would someone as intelligent questions like this? And what good are these questions? Well, maybe to get you out of the script and start a real conversation, as when an actor starts to improvise.

Interviewers get tired of listening to hundreds of candidates say, for example, that his greatest weaknesses have to do with his perfectionism or are too retailers. And you see in 5 years as directors of the company. Interviewers want to discover the essence of your personality you out of the script as soon as possible. They rely on computer systems and human resources personnel have already been charged with ensuring that you comply with the technical requirements necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the job in question. It’s time to find out if your personality fits the company culture.

Fit into the culture is probably one of the biggest concerns Interviewer: Will this person be able to play as a team, to contribute to the enterprise productively, to conform to our standards and values? These are some of the issues that matter most interviewers, assuming that you meet all the technical qualifications. And for that, what better than an interview that includes a section without structure, with varying questions, questions that make you take off your mask, you do get out of the script? What the interviewer really wants to know is who you are.

So, the next time you go to a job interview, prepare yourself thoroughly with the typical questions in your industry, research the company thoroughly to anticipate questions about issues related to that company and prepare your own questions to the end . But above all, know yourself, practice a little improvisation with a friend or family member when they ask something unexpected, your mind does not come into panic. Be prepared to expect the unexpected. Good luck with your interview.