Jobs that do not require a diploma

All workers would like to have a college degree and even a graduate. Although in reality, they have not been able to achieve many for one reason or another. Although more and more jobs require a college degree, the truth is that there are still good jobs that can be obtained without a university graduate. Even in many of them, companies may offer you benefits for study or obtain professional certifications in your field. The list has been published

While these jobs do not require a university degree, for many of them a professional certificate or experience will be needed in the industry.

Dental Hygienist (dental hygienist) .- Most states require hygienists to obtain a state license to carry out their work.

Manager online advertising (online advertising manager).

Web Developer (web developer). As in the previous position, there are many developers who do not have university degree. Some have preferred to learn on their own, which also demonstrates a level of sacrifice and self-initiative.

medical assistant (medical assistant) responsible for many of the administrative tasks in any hospital or clinic, these attendees learn with experience.

Legal Assistant (paralegal) Although college degree for this profession is not required, the truth is that some participants are recent graduates who hope to become lawyers someday. Therefore, there is much competition for such posts.

Court reporter (stenographer). The stenographers do not need a college degree to fulfill its functions. What we may need are licenses required by several states.

Mechanic air conditioning (HVACR technician).

Surveyor (surveyor). Managers the necessary documentation for any construction project, working with civil and architects in the preparations for any work engineers.

executive assistant (executive assistant). Responsible for administrative work in any office, these professionals need at least basic knowledge of productivity programs (Word, Excel) and have a very professional attitude. In addition, many companies encourage these people to continue their studies or professionally certified.

Insurance agent (insurance agent). Approximately two-thirds of insurance agents do not possess university diploma. However, states require licensed in the place where they are to work selling insurance.

Repairing industrial machines (industrial machinery repair).

Cosmetologist (cosmetologist).

Hair stylist (stylist).

Sales Representative (wholesale and manufacturing sales rep). Normally, to sell highly technical or scientific products, if a certificate is required. But for most other products, what is required is a positive attitude and know how to sell.

Heavy machine operator (industrial machinery operator).

Technical electricity (electrical technician).

Assistant architect (architect’s assistant). Many of these helpers are able to develop designs and drawings couple any work. But unlike the architect, attendees can not sign any project.

Paraprofessional (teacher’s aide).

Plant operator drain (sewage plant operator).

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