Most companies today use computer software to filter the hundreds of resume they receive for each vacant position. These programs are responsible for analyzing resumes, extracting all those who meet certain requirements, which are in the form of keywords. For example, if a company is looking for software engineers with knowledge of specific languages ​​(Java, HTML), he “will ask” the program to find the curriculum that mention the words “Java” and “HTML” and to present the results on screen. Therefore, even if you’re a computer engineer with this knowledge, if you have not included these words in your resume, you will not go the first cut of selection.

Where do I find these keywords?

You could start by visiting a job seeker (,, or any other) to find the kind of work you want. Once you have a list of jobs, open job postings to find specific words that are repeated over and over again.

Where do I include in the curriculum?

One option you have is to simply include these words in the descriptions of your professional qualities. Another is to include a separate section, entitled “keywords” (key words) to detail all words found in the job postings that match your professional qualities.

What if the keywords found not correspond to my qualifications?

If you really want to get one of those jobs advertised, you will find ways to get those qualifications. You may have to make some courses or obtain certifications in your industry. What is clear is that if your resume does not contain any of the keywords that appear in ads work, you will have it almost impossible for the company to call you for a job interview because, however much Valgas for the position , if you fail to pass the first automatic filter selection, you will not have even a chance to reach the round of personal interviews.

And the letter?

The cover letter should also include these keywords, without creating a different section. Only, make sure you include them when you write paragraphs of the letter. They emphasize those keywords will provide the recruiter sure you know exactly the requirements of the job in question.

Should I use those words in the interview too?

Obviously, you will not make a question about keywords if you make it to the interview. Although it would be a good idea to mencionaras those words when you answer some questions. Thus, the interviewer will notice that you are aware of the requirements of the new job and probably will feel more confident of your chances as a candidate for the job.

Remember, the first step for many companies is the use of computer software to reduce the volume of resumes they receive. Therefore, you have to know how to operate these programs to take advantage of the process: use a job seeker, make a list of keywords that constantly appear, include them in your resume, menciónalas in your letter, and use them during the interview. key to your job search word “luck”.

Photo @ David Muir