Learn to deal with criticism (I)

Companies looking for employees who can deal with the criticism of his superiors, peers, their subordinates. In addition, the deal with them is also healthy for your life outside of work. This is not to respond to criticism with more criticism (which often happens in relationships), nor that you become victimizer. It’s just that no positions you as a victim.

Here I give you some tips for coping in the best way. Be your own hero through these steps.

1.Double a mental change and position yourself differently.

Criticize you, you feel less. Do you realize that you’re hiding? It’s high time to get out of that position! You’re probably saying, ‘I have fear and I feel bad about what others are saying or tell me’. Are you going to continue to spend all the energy that involves spending time thinking about how to keep you judge and criticize you?

People always talk about you.

It is taken from and the decision to stop doing something or not for fear of what people might say. Be guided by your own values.

2. Some are going to like, others not.

Yeah, so what?. Face it we are not perfect and, of course, can not be for everyone. Some people focus more on the positive side of things and fixing other negative side. You may have to submit a job or lecturing and some prove them that your attitude is superb. Others may see mastery of knowledge and safety. Of course, people who contributes most to work together or to help us mature and move on is one that sees the positive side. But, as I said, not all is well.

3. Allow yourself to feel bad.

Reviews exist and, although there is constructive, always hurt. And what is worse, are often to hurt the other. In this case envy it is often what is behind those words affect you so much. It would be good that you analizases yourself before the other to gain security and be able to distinguish. In any case, as I said earlier, respond to a review with another solves nothing.

If at any time you feel you’re hurt because pas├írsete again by the head ‘what people think of my’ share it with someone in your environment that can offer containment. Allow yourself to suffer and seek help. A view from another perspective can be of great utility.

Express it, but do not stay there. I know you can not help but suffer for the harm they do you criticism but if you can decide how long to suffer for what he has done you no harm. Leave as soon as possible is the best way to avoid the toxicity that you produce. Give yourself permission to pass through this suffering, set yourself a time limit and then think of the positive, so that if it is worth getting ahead. Do not be be wrong for an indefinite period!

As much criticism affect you, if you limit the time you spend suffer for them’re wasting energy. Precisely that which is so necessary to be stronger, to know every day more and learn to feel proud of yourself regardless of what the other does or says about you.