Like the world of politics?

In difficult times it is not interested in politics since many of us think that changes are coming and we know where we will go. If, in addition, although you were born in USA, your origins are Latin, you know the weight that people have of your origin currently resident or US citizen.

Perhaps you have involved both in the politics and culture of this country deeply catches your eye the possibility of contributing to its development from the nucleus where they study and the crucial things for the future are decided. Then you would find comfortable being political scientist (Political Sciencist).

What does a political scientist

Political scientists study the origin and development of political systems and how they operate and their influences. Investigate political ideas and analyze the structure and operations of governments implemented policies, political trends and related issues.

Political scientists generally do the following

· Investigated political issues such as the US political system, relations between the USA and other countries and political ideologies.

· Collect and analyze data resources as public opinion polls and election results.

· They use qualitative resources such as historical documents to develop theories.

· Assess the impact of policies and laws in government, business and people.

· Identify new policy issues to study.

· They monitor events, recent economic policies and other issues relevant to their work.

· Predicted political, economic and social trends.

· Present the results of their research in written reports, making presentations and publishing in academic journals

· The most common subfields in conducting research are: American politics, comparative politics, international relations or political theory.

Skills and resources.

Above all, they use quantitative methods to collect information from numerous sources. For example, you can use historical documents to analyze the current influence of political structures and economic policies of the past. Should evaluate current policies and events using public opinion surveys, economic data and results of elections. Based on these sources must learn the expected impact of new policies.

They rely heavily on quantitative methods to develop and research theories. For example, data should be analyzed to see if there is a relationship between a political system and a particular outcome. To do this, they should consider issues such as US political parties, as political structures differ in different countries, globalization and the history of political thought.

Political scientists also work as policy analysts. In this position, they can work in a variety of organizations with interests in politics, as the government, labor and political organizations. They provide information and analysis that help in the planning, development and implementation of various policies. They can also advise on policies disitntas being carried out and to study their impact on different groups.

Many become postsecondary teachers.

Advantages and disadvantages.

In the Handbook Ocuppational Labour Bureau of Labor Statistics it estimated that the average salary for 2010 was 107,000 US $ 155,000 with maximum and minimum entry level wages of about 95,000. Those who are also dedicated teachers can be accessed at colleges, universities and professional schools approximately US $ 48,000.

Political science is among the 20 highest paid professions in the US with an expected increase in available jobs 2010 and 2020 being around 8% (slightly less than the average of the highest paid).

The number of people employed as political scientists is not very high and it requires a Bachelors Degree in Political Science for entry level courses in science, writing and political science. To develop higher levels you will require a master’s or Ph.D. The master’s must be in Public Administration (MPA), Public Policy (MPP) or Public Affairs (Public Affairs). Most Ph.D candidates specialize in one of the major subfields of political science: American politics, comparative politics, international relations or political theory.

If you clear your public vocation, this can be a good career: successful prestige and above all, dedicated to research.