Looking for a mentor

When we find ourselves mired in the stress of the job search, we feel not only frustrated, but often lost, confused. We do not feel safe if the steps we are going to give a result, if the companies that apply worthwhile if the work that I like are really beyond our reach. And not only that, we do not know very well how to focus our curriculum or how to prepare for a possible interview.

Internet widespread all sounds as if all they could to put us in the same category. I tell you from experience because even in our give advice that can be applied as a starting point or additional help, but who’s going to help me personally, with personalized recommendations? Those who live around you, armed with the best of intentions, they give advice right and left, each more different. If we were to practice putting each of the tips that give us our brothers, aunts, cousins ​​and friends we would change strategy every two days.

The best solution would be to seek a mentor. Okay, how easy it sounds, but where and how. That’s where the difficulty lies in implementing the solution. When I say mentor, I mean someone who has been through the same experience as you or have a similar experience to yours. Examples of similar characteristics include having graduated from the same university in the same race, having grown up in the same community, enjoy the same hobbies, having obtained a job in the company or industry where you would like to work or at least someone with the same aspirations and a little more experience.

The bad thing blindly trust the advice we get from books or websites or television programs who have achieved success is that they have already out too the point where you find yourself at this very moment. It’s like asking your grandfather about the best way to prepare for the SAT. Maybe your grandfather passed the exam with great note and even can remember some of your experience and you can delight with some stories but do not really believe me help you with your homework. Or ask Messi how to learn to control the ball when you get a pass, or a famous actress how to take the first steps on your career. And they passed that stage so long that not even be able to articulate what you should do to get to your next step ago.

The ideal is to find someone who has recently come to the next step. If you are looking for a job as a cook in a restaurant first class, do not you guide only by the advice of one of those so famous chefs coming out on TV or sell books, but ask a cook in one of the restaurants in your community. How did the first step? Did it begin mesonero or just washing dishes? Jobseekers seller, do not you guide can tell what the CEO of the company, but the seller which only takes three months. And if you want to improve on that ball control, ask someone to finish learning it recently.

From my point of view, we lose a lot of time trying to learn from the superstars, which can even cause us more frustration. How can they earn if x money in such a simple way? Why does it seem so easy the way you paint it? For them, those who have succeeded, looking back, no longer see the road, stone by stone, as it was, but have “invented” a story that sounds great. Perhaps for an interview on TV, for an article in a magazine or a book that sounds great, but you will not help much.

So when you decide to find a mentor, look first at the position you would like to get and looking for someone who has recently arrived there. Contact that person and invite them to coffee, congratulate him on his success and ask Him to impart some of his knowledge and experience. The mere fact of recognizing the success it has already achieved will be opened in a more honest way and more will surely help all those tips you read on the Internet, including mine. Good luck.

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