Maintaining the illusion for work

Early retirement is what many seek, hoping to spend the last years of life resting, enjoying the family and, above all, without having to work any longer.

But not all share the same illusion. There are some people who work, or your ideal job, makes them dream of a “retirement” not only full of family time, reflective moments and the typical walk in the park, but also a period of productivity. And why not?

A few years ago, my father offered him retirement when appropriate. With almost 50 years in the business, you can imagine how excited you did that time, his imagination was transported to all the beaches of Tenerife, endless walks with the sun hitting him in the face, tennis matches with friends and siblings, games with granddaughters, sobremesas unhurried … But, before taking the final decision, consulted with my mother and us children, and finally, to the surprise of many, he decided to stay in the company worked part time .

Many times people dream of working retirement, retire and to do whatever they want without having to worry about money. Surely these people not really passionate about what they have done professionally in their lives. Can not wait to finish their turn to do things you really enjoy, whatever the activity, both personal and professional. But the cases of people who really love what they do, they enjoy doing it and, moreover, never retire there too, at least they would not do at all. These people are the ones that spring to mind when we talk about having a vocation, they are called to do their work so that time seems to affect them. Sometimes I wonder how I know at this point if I would really working after a certain age, if there is a test you for the answer. And the only thing I can think of is to think about our activities without any financial remuneration, without any distinction or prestige. That is, if you are someone you are passionate about paint, what would life despite not receive a penny, and you are lucky to work doing something that you love enough to do it for free, then the answer seems clear: you never jubilarás you all.

There are also cases of people whose life circumstances have had to perform tasks to get ahead, to support their families or simply because there were no other alternatives. Some of these people, after their daily work, spent what little time they had left in a hobby: writing, painting, carpentry … When someone has a hobby or passion so strong that drags you hours late week, no matter who have never earned money, it is normal to want to retire to take advantage of all available hours doing what they really do well and like. Some of these ideas, businesses and family businesses are born. And even there are people who, after many years practicing this hobby in the shade, decide to get a job in that industry. Not that happen very often, but occasionally, some case, some history, comes to light and worth telling.

In Silicon Valley, the cradle of world technology, where many young people aspiring to become technology companies dream of being rich, to change the world and belong to that group of successful startups, where the average age of the founders and employees is not even 30 years, it has landed what could be considered an alien.

Barbara Beskind, a lady of 91 years has gotten a job in Silicon Valley, in IDEO, one of the most important industrial design companies worldwide. And he has not got a secretarial job or a job that have given to fill any discriminatory fee. They have hired to perform the work with which he has dreamed of for over 70 years industrial designer. He goes to the office once a week, so enjoy almost all the time, but, at the same time feels fulfilled professionally.

Young, Barbara, always dreamed of inventing gadgets. But once he graduated from High School, his school counselor reminded him that he could not go to college to study engineering, the career she wanted to pursue, because in those races only men allowed. So he decided to enlist in the army, study and practice as a therapist therapy for decades. Although at that time I never stopped dreaming ideas, always learning new things that will help you express your creativity, like painting. In total, Barbara has five professions has exercised in his professional career, but says, with all the pride of a recent graduate who is now enjoying his best race.

A few years ago, Barbara found an article about the company IDEO, a place where dozens of creative designers and engineers work in some of the most innovative products on the market. Convinced that he had found the ideal place to develop all those accumulated for nearly eight decades ideas, Barbara decided to write a letter addressed to the company, expressing his desire to work at 90 years, commenting looking for a place where they they could exchange innovative ideas.

Barbara got her job

And he has worked for IDEO, helping in the design of products related to older people over two years. In the interview to television, Barbara pointed out that some of the designers, no matter how creative they were, not know firsthand experiences of older people, so their view is essential in the company.

For Barbara, the resort to use once a week helps her feel more fulfilled, it has been able to fulfill his dream of inventing new products. For others, his story represents an inspiration, a dose of hope for those still dreaming every day with a professional future with more meaning. Thank you, Barbara. And thanks, Dad.


Interview with Barbara on TV

Photo @ Martin Barraud

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