Making a career change successfully

Any changes in your life can cause a lot of fear, especially when it comes to a career change. On the other hand, it can be wonderful and exciting. We are all living a time of change, largely due to economic and political challenges. Perhaps you are one of those directly affected because you lost your job or you are considering a career change because you need more time for your family and yourself. No matter the reason, identify and pursue a new career that meets your true calling is one of the most important steps you take in your life.

Follow these tips to identify and get that career change that will make you happy for the rest of your life.

Decide if you need a change of career or job change

If you tried to follow all the strategies of my article Be happy in your work but your work remains constant even causing you stress, sadness and even depression, it may be time for a job change.

No matter if you’ve been fired and / or if you need to look for a job within your true calling, take this second chance to find happiness in a career that motivates you and you want to do for the rest of your life.

Investigate what is the perfect career for you

Some of you understand exactly what they want to do “next”, others need a little help. Start with identifying what your strengths and your weaknesses, what you hate to do and what you love doing. List the skills that can be transferred to other job options. Need help determine your ideal career? You can participate in several tests at your disposal, many of which are available on the Internet.

Richard N. Bolles author of What color is your parachute? (English) recommends

For those who prefer to skip a test, What color is your parachute also includes an exercise in Chapter 13, “Flower Exercise” that guides you in identifying the career that is right for you.

Find more tips in my article Tips for choosing your ideal career before you graduate. There I include “tips” to help you make the right choice to choose your new career, including

Orient yourself and get advice

Once you’ve selected the career that most interests you, find out as much as possible about your selection. This includes wage levels, job opportunities, employment prospects, etc. Ask questions to experts in that race, the best advice may come from someone who works or has worked in this area. They would guide you about the reality of the race, including strengths and weaknesses and what you need both academically and emotionally in your new job search. These conversations are opportunities for “networking”. These experts can also go to a new job.

In my article Returning to the job search mentioned several key strategies for the person who has just graduated as the person who is changing careers. My first advice to keep a positive attitude may be more difficult for the person changing careers. Maybe you were fired or you notice after 10 years you chose the wrong career. This adds an additional burden to your next job search. But do not be disappointed, many of your skills can be transferred to the respective new employment. And for those who were dismissed, perhaps this is a good opportunity to change careers. A difficult and negative situation may arise positive change. Follow these tips to ensure success in your quest for new beginnings.

Use your time wisely

Consider an internship or volunteer work within the area of ​​your new career. This has several purposes, first it will help you improve your resume with experiences that are directly linked to your new career. We also will train and help you confirm if you really love your new selection. But most importantly, it will help maintain a positive attitude, full of hope.

Use your time to improve your future versus feeling sorry for yourself. Do not become a victim because you have to change jobs or careers. It is important to realize that you have a second chance to get the race that will make you happy for the rest of your days.