Manage your online identity

Before a job interview, the first thing an interviewer does is look for all possible information about candidates from a simple Google search to a detailed investigation in each of the social networks. To protect your privacy or just to outdo other job applicants, the best you can do is take control of your online identity.

The first thing you should do is look for your name on Google and see what comes out.

This is an easier task because you have everything concentrate on your profile. But it is also hard work because maybe have accumulated hundreds of photos and reviews written for several years. And then there are the photos and opinions that others have and you do not even know exist. You have to ask: how do you think you would react the person who will interview if I saw you in one of those photos? Do you feel comfortable teaching him all your photos to your parents? If the answer is no, you should probably remove it. And be careful what you write on your wall as all scribes represents a small part of you.

And if you’re not, you should create an account. LinkedIn has become the quintessential professional network. Typically, the content in these profiles are usually more professional cuts that would Facebook but not unless you kept your date and profile as serious as possible. In this network you can not only keep up with all your information but you can also create a group of contacts very beneficial for your career.

We are in a time where everything is put on the Internet. That means more than ever, a company that will hire you can take a look at the net and find much more information than you have included in the documentation sent. So it is time not only to manage all the information about you on the net, but to start acting in a more proactive manner. According to Shama Kabani emprendora, CEO of Marketing Zen Group begins by creating a personal web page on IT- your concerns and skills. The idea is that instead of reacting to everything that appears you network, you to handle build a profile that will help you in your career.

Consider your cyber profile as a vital part of you in your career and treat it as such. Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the first fronts that have to cover. Once you have control there, start building your current identity with the tips provided.

Photo @ debstreasures