Mexican Baccalaureate

The title of Mexican General Baccalaureate equivalent to the title of the High School of USA. If you got your degree in Mexico and still has not validated in USA await you some paperwork. But be assured, both countries are part of the Hague Convention so have no doubt that you’ll get your diploma equivalent to high school in the United States.

If you have not got a new high school in any of the two countries and live in USA, you have the option to get the title without leaving the country without recourse to any one school except for a test How? Through Accreditation Process Equivalents knowledge to the Mexican General Baccalaureate (286 Baccalaureate Agreement) or ACREDITA-BACH. The other option is to make the US GED but steps aside, it is likely that the PROVE-BACH will find it easier if you have done the previous training and acquired in Mexico.

What is the 286 Agreement

The ACREDITA – BACH or School Agreement 286 is, put simply, a test that gives you the title of Bachelor General accredited by the SEP (Mexican Secretariat of Public Education).

Who is targeted

Where you can do it in USA

The test gives you the title of Mexican General Baccalaureate then you have to validate in the United States. Administrative procedures are simple validation. The advantage is that if you are in USA do not have to leave the country. The cities where you can do this are: Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, McAllen, Quincy, FL, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix and Tucson.

What steps to take

Since an alternative to ACREDITA – BACH is to perform the GED I recommend that before deciding on the first devote some time to see if your education is sufficient to overcome the Mexican exam questions. You have examples in the exam guide for Accreditation Equivalents School General Knowledge. There are many public schools that offer GED preparation, but if you choose the other option you have to have enough prior knowledge or study on your own.

Leete the entire in-depth guide to understanding the structure and format of the test. You will not find in her study material but if you can consult bibliography to prepare.

There are courses INEA (National Institute for Adult Education of Mexico) that can help you prepare various specific areas of the exam as well as short courses to familiarize you with current issues that may be the subject of examination in the area of ​​reading comprehension. If you need more educational resources go to the books of the College of Bachelors of the National Council of Education for Life and Work (Conevyt).

Check the exam dates. There are three exam dates a year and have to register before you with an approximate one month in advance for the selected call. It is very important that you are clear that you can pass the exam before registering to do so. You can sign as many times as you want but the first time will have to pay in advance $ 40,000 and $ 100,000 depending rolling up your chosen method of examination.

Try to have stopped enough on the above information and when you’re ready: register for your exam! It must be done online, at this link, marking the ‘Accreditation Process knowledge equivalent to Bachelor General (286 Baccalaureate Agreement)’ in the Type of Test option. You will find more information on how to register and pay in in the link: Accreditation of Baccalaureate the main menu.

Take the decision

I know that compared to the GED, which costs just a few dollars, the amount of ACERDITA – BACH is high. This makes it even more important decision. It is best to investigate in depth on both tests to see which is more suited to your abilities.

A pair of data may be interesting for you to take into account: approximately 35% of those presented to ACREDITA – BACH pass the exam the first against about 77% who passed the GED those presented in 2011 for the first time. However, most of those presented in 2011 took specific adult classes for the GED. So it will be easier but: do you have time? Most of those exceeding Acredita – Bach not attend preparatory classes.

The baccalaureate degree is essential to open the door to new jobs, for easier access to vocational insertion and access to college. Reflects on its importance and decide to get it. Battle your way to new opportunities.