Most jobs in the United States

When the economy recovers, the positive data invade the front pages of newspapers, the stock market rises, seem more available jobs appear and, above all, our wages rise.

The story sounds good. Although, if you look closely at the data published every month the Employment Office of the central government, improvements in the economy are increasingly concentrated in fewer pockets. While it is true that the number of jobs offered has risen, the number of unemployed has fallen, the dollar has strengthened and that the stock indexes have increased, the reality of the middle and lower classes remains the same. Real wages are still not increase or even without keep pace with some of the most common expenses, so, actually, for many families the situation worsens amid the economic recovery.

If we analyze the most jobs in the States, we realize that 1 in 10 employees work in stores or establishments “retail”, a fact not so strange when you consider that one of the engines of our economy is consumption.

1.Retail salespersons (store employees), 4.48 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 25.370

2.Cashiers (ATMs) 3.34 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 20.420

3.Food prep and serving staff (workers in restaurants, bars and other food sectors), 3.02 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 18.880

4. General office clerk (administrative work), 2.83 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 29.990

5.Registered nurses (nurses), 2.66 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 68.910

6.Waiters and waitresses (waiters / as) 2.40 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 20.880

Representatives 7.Customer service (customer service representatives) 2,390,000 workers, earning an average salary of $ 33.370

8.Laborers, and freight and movers material (construction jobs, transportation, and moving) 2.28 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 26.690

9.Secretaries and admins (secretaries and administrative, excluding legal secretaries or medical secretaries), 2.16 million workers, earning an average salary of $ 34.000

10. Janitors and cleaners (cleaning employees, excluding persons employed in private homes), 2.10 million workers, earning an average wage of $ 25.140

Although teachers in the United States covering a total of almost 3 million employees, which would make them the third profession in the country, are not included because the office Employment classifies them into three different categories (primary, middle school, and secondary) . These teachers have a median salary over $ 50,000, so if join in one conglomerate, would become the second best paid profession of the ten most common.

To compare these figures, we should mention that the salary per person in the United States (2013), the median wage per household is approximately $ 52,000, while the average received in the last 12 months for all persons over 15 years is of $ 28.000. Obviously, the set only on the average does not give us a complete picture, since there may be hundreds of millionaires and millions of poor people that make the average look more or less good. Therefore, we must also look at the median wage for household -value is in the middle of the list when it is sorted from lowest to highest.


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