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Twitter is another tool available for Latinos in the job search. Twitter has become one of the most important social networks with more than 100 million active users. You can use this network to connect with professionals, discover job postings, and accelerate your job search.

Before you start your adventure through Twitter, remember to define your strategy detailing the position you seek, the industry they belong to, and a group of companies in which you want to work. Once established your strategy, visit to create your account.

To get started on Twitter Perfil.- have to create a profile. Profile you should include information about yourself (preferably professional information with any personal detail). It includes a picture of a professional nature. Finally, use the option to customize your page background with a picture that invokes something about you (if you do not feel sure what kind of photo to put on your background, look at some profiles of people you follow and take examples of that type of image include).

Vocabulary Twitter.-

Recommendations for using Twitter

After several weeks on Twitter, you begin to feel an avalanche of messages that can not contain. you probably feel overwhelmed and do not know which messages should pay attention. To manage the number of messages in your job search, you can use tools like can help you in your job search on Twitter. This program analyzes job ads placed on Tweeter and filter based on keywords. Try to be as specific as you can when you use TwitJobSearch. Use advanced tools to filter results: geographic location, salary range, title, requirements, and others. The idea is to get a more realistic number of available positions that match what you want.

When you find an advertisement for a job you want to apply, you give a click the button ‘more’ to see the complete job description. Once there, you can apply for the job with a click more or even request a video conference with the employer using the Skype button (if you have Skype account).

And so easy (and free) you can start using Twitter as a new job search tool. Luck.

Photo @ Juliet White